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Show Cancel!

I've canceled the Wine & Cheese show tonight (6/18) - I came down with a cold yesterday and my voice is somewhere between Kermit the Frog and Cookie Monster. Amusing for one song, probably not for 3 hours. If they're kind enough to reschedule me that'll pop up on the calendar soon. Apologies.

New look! (Same great music!)

So I took February off from gigging and here's what I managed to accomplish: 1) New website: www.sethphillips.net 2) New anime artwork by Hannah Huyck on the aforementioned website 3) More nerdy songs (specifically, a handful of new covers with sci-fi or video game themes) 4) Healthy number of gigs booked for spring 5) Learned to play kazoo.

If you can make it out, I'd love to see you at one of the upcoming shows. Regardless, enjoy the new website*!

*In any browser except Firefox until I fix the table/div issues

Special guest at the Dickens show

Anybody toying with the idea of coming out to the Dickens show on 11/13 should put it on the calendar in ink.

I'm planning on having a special guest join me for a set and I think you'll like the addition as much as I do.

That's all for now...

We'll be together soon

I've just uploaded a song I wrote a bit ago about being a Dad. Feel free to listen and download it today in honor of the child I get to meet in about 17 hours. It's called "Father and Child" and it's kind of a demo at this point but I think you'll find beauty in the roughness. Enjoy.

Happy Anniversary

In honor of being married to my wonderful wife for 7 years, I'm giving out a song I wrote about her for free download on the ReverbNation site. No catches or requirements. It's called Swiss Army. Go download it if you want a good song in your mp3 collection.

*Like any good husband, I'm no more than 1 day late on the anniversary thing! Go me!


I may have the opportunity to buy a refurbished Bose L1 Compact (aka the stick PA). Anybody have experience with these?


So... what happens if I post a Blog from Reverbnation?