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Sun Uther Wahn is moving on to new ventures in the Univserse. Sun has enjoyed his stay here on Revernation but it is time to move on. Moving onward to the next step. Good luck to all my friends and family still here I am pulling for you guys. Best wishes and G d Bless.

The Force and all that includes...

2015 is supposed to be the year The Force Awakens... according J.J. Abrams, Disney, and citizens of the Star Wars multiverse like me. As I contemplate what The Force is and all that it can be. I really am thinking there is something to this story as with all stories there is a nugget of truth in there. Without going into details let's just say that George Lucas and everyone one else that participates is a part of something bigger. :bigger than you or me or the entire multiverse. Vague as I continue to be let's just say that the Sun has come up with a new concept for the next album finally. I can say that it is even more influenced by " The Force" that Jedi Mind Music and it is most definitely more Star Wars related at the same time.. In the mean time feel free to download my last track Hoth as Ice. It is no where near finished but it is a glimpse into what is next for believers in The Force and yes even the "fictional" world of Star Wars. I just want to share in the journey and creation of the next album from the psychonaut and Jedi Sun Uther Wahn. May the Force awaken in us all in 2015.http://rvrb.fm/1EuNSaM

Floyd the early years

Recently I have been revisiting early Floyd recording. I have been studying some of my favourites and reliving those first moments of my discovery of this most awesome and influential band. I consider them pioneers in the field of ambient music as well as rock n roll. I am finishing up "Set the Heart for the Controls of the Sun" this week. I have posted Corporal Clegg and Saucerful of Secrets. I have really enjoyed recording these pieces. During the process I often found my self wondering what it must have been like being in the studio with Gilmour, Waters, Wright, Mason, and Barret. I can only imagine. I hope as I release these that some of my friends will receive some enjoyment from listening to these slight variations of some awesome Pink Floyd Pieces. Nameste' http://www.reverbnation.com/sunutherwahn/song/21060628-corporal-clegg-pink-floyd-cover

Introducing Jedi Mind Music!!!

Following years of dedicated study in the interaction between mind and sound, the art of Eastern meditation techniques, the sciences of neuro-linguistic programming and binaural beats, as well as the deep-rooted mythology of the Jedi, ambient artist Sun Uther Wahn presents his latest musical endeavour, Jedi Mind Music. Jedi Mind Music is a passionate attempt to capture the elemental essence of the Jedi philosophy. Using traditional primitive instruments coupled with electronic innovations and Jedi mind tricks, Jedi Mind Music carries the listener on a voyage to understand the complex inner workings of the mystical Force. The journey takes the listener through the first study of the Force with the monks of Dai Bendu, to the revelation of the ships of Tho Yor’s containment of the Force, and onward, to the formation of the Odan Urr Mantra (the Jedi Code.) Jedi Mind Music is designed for all listeners, whether they be true students of the Force or general meditators seeking to enhance their experience. Headphones or a quality speaker system are suggested to truly appreciate the range of frequencies found within the album. Jedi Mind Music is suitable for generating positive energy during work, study, play, and general relaxation and well-being when played for ambiance. Track listing. Jedi Mind Music #starwarsday #maythefourthbewithyou #starwars

1. Initiation 2. Dai Bendu 3. Deep Core 4. Science of the Field 5. Realisation 6. Tho Yor 7. Crysolace 8. Midi-Chlorianology 9. Tranquility Spire 10. Palawa 11. Odan Urr Mantra (The Jedi Code) All Music written by Storm Williams copyright 2014 Frog Farm Records


The Force, Star Wars and Jedi

Sun has spent the last few months studying the orgins of The Jedi and The Force along with a few methods of meditation, brain entrainment other strange sciences. Is there a reason for this? Stay tuned and find out. Nameste' http://app.rhapsody.com/artist/sun-uther-wahn

people are talking

What are people saying about Sun Uther Wahn? "great musicianship with wonderful humming tunes sounds which comes from a different angle of life." Joe and Alvin Player

"Sweet tracks. Melodies are very powerful." Sharp I Entertainment

"Invocation by Sun Uther Wahn is endlessly fascinating - deep sonic textures, swirling melodies. Open your third ear." INtramentalist

People are comparing to Sun to Brian Eno, Tangerine Dream, Robert Rich

"Wow... Peter Gabriel, King Crimson, Kraftwerk....lots of fabulous influences running through my head." Find out why 4 out of 5 brain researcher's recommend Sun Uther Wahn for your brain entrainment and meditative needs. :-)


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