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I am delighted to hit the stage March 5th! The Vice Ultra Lounge is the place to be as I am joined by the dopest poets in The Bay...I am also very excited as it is the 1st filming for the new tv show!!!! Hope to see u there.. Love,E

Epiphany's House feat Prentice Powell!

Beautiful ones.....it is my most distinct honor to present to you the incredible Prentice Powell..This sunday he arrives for poetry,conversation and I assure you..Prentice is 100% REAL!!! What a happy day this promises to be!!!!!!!!!!!!The Blazin RARE open mic WILL follow,so come prepared........This Sunday,Nov 28th12:00 pst...2:00 cst3:00 estwww.blogtalkradio.com/epiphanyshousewww.epiphanyshouse.net

a bit about Mr Powell....

Prentice Powell is a firm beleiver in practicing what he preaches. After performing in the National final stage in 2003 and placing 4th in the nation only two months after writing his first poem, he began to pursue a spoken word career .he is the host of one of the top Spoken Word Open Mics in the counrty: Mouth Off Wednesdays at the Air Loung in Oakland Ca. As the 2007 spoken word artist of the year awarded to him at the Black Music Awards and 2006 Oakland AND SF grand Slam Champion he does much more than talk. He is also an educator, Constantly developing creative writing curriculum for non profits and school districts throughout the bay area. As well as a first grade teacher to English language learners. He poetry has taken him all over the world to places such as London, Amsterdam and South Aftica. Doing much community work in South Africa. He has opened for and shared the stage with many artist such as Eric Robeson, Goapele , Amir Sulaiman and Stevie Wonder. More than anything else, all he asks is that you listen with an open ear and mind.

Greetings beautiful ones...

I am so pleased to connect with you all...I pray all is well on your end and that you are getting every happiness.

I wanted to update you on whats up with me. As I mentioned before I am focusing on performing for the remainder of this year. I have postponed my trip(the mini-tour) to Los Angeles untill Jan 16th...when I will arrive,scorch a few mics and finish up my album. The Alchemist shall drop in the first quarter of 2011. Meanwhile,practice,practice,practice. My show has been such fun since my return and I have a delightful line up of guests to showcase for you,for the remainder of the year!!!!!!

And wow..there are some great things dropping..May I reccomend Sun of Man's new joint? oh yes..please go support this magnificent brotha..he is amazing.

I thank you all for the lovely support and I wish I could hug each and every one of you!!!!! Since I cannot I try to offer a free download for your listening pleasure...so go ahead and grab "Say It"..it is a free download but for a limited time...I have a few collabs comming up and will keep you posted as well.

Untill we meet again..peace and paradise....~E

Been a while...

I am still here...I have had some serious emotional beatdowns..and I mean BEATDOWNS...and a health scare,so I havent been up to doing what i once did..but..I have returned,am finding me again,and have a whole lotta fight in me... I thank you so much for the support....it means so much...I wish I could give you all a big hug,but for now I will wrap my words around you..Ok???? Love is everything....Epiphany

Thank you beautiful ones...

I am so happy to have your support. I am working hard,writing and performing and anticipate a small treat for you all midsummer. Hang on to your hats....

All my love....Epiphany

Epiphany's House feat Gem Avery

Sunday-May 9th,I am pleased to welcome the oh so beautifully talented Gem Avery to my house. Please mark your calenders and drop by..she is supa dupa gifted.. Join us.. at www.blogtalkradio.com/epiphanyshouse 12:00 pst 2:00 cst 3:00 est Where artists meet.... Love..E~

Epiphany featuring Gods Gift on Sunday Jan 25th!

Please help me welcome the oh so deep talents of this wonderfully gifted artist....See ya there....


with warmth....E~