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Food to the soul…

Its something about the pulse of music that mesmerizes my inner being… Smiles and soft giggles every time a story or a sweet nothing is surfaced through the downbeat… And the bass line persistently yet flawlessly comforts the entire body of the melody. A good sound brings two polar things.. Love and appreciation to the heart… And an orgasmic experience to the open ear. Create something beautiful. Allow inspiration to flow like living water… Be confident, bold yet humble in your originality… Exude what lies dormant within… And let it be as good fruit that provides lasting fulfillment to the soul. -Lisa Movado

Our Sanity

Where do you go when suddenly your world is shattered into pieces? You feel as though there is no place for shelter and no one for comfort. Sometimes, all we need is someone to tell us “Everything is going to be okay." Or someone to simply listen to our soliloquy, sit in silence beside us as we release… Peace. Have you ever found yourself wondering, where does peace exist? Maybe it exists in the deepest parts of our sanity or the core of our being. How often do we visit those places? Knowing that we’re not alone in this world is a pretty good feeling. …Or at least it should be. I feel that regardless of how far or close we are from each other…Or whether we reared from different ethnic backgrounds and speak other languages.. We all have one thing in common and its called “problems". In spite of the various causes of issues and disappointments we face, all of them make a “problem". Sometimes I think that when we’re going through our trials, we forget that we as individuals are not alone. I notice that our communities within the societies we live in lack “support system". But how could that even begin to exist or continue forth, when there are killings happening somewhere every single day??? It would be nice if our societies were more united in some way or another. …but that’s only a reality that lies dormant in wishful thinking. Where do you go when suddenly your world is shattered into pieces?.. Perhaps, to your quiet place??…. …the place where you meditate or pray in secret. …The place where you cry out all of your frustrations and scream the deepest desires of your heart out of desperation; hoping that someone or God hears you. I have a quiet place too… Its quite personal and special to me. Its actually the very place that keeps my sanity in tact. - Lisa Movado


Sleep has been the last thing on my mind lately… Im consumed with the thought of reaching my final destination. I refuse to think that I am living in a dream. What drives me each and everyday, is my vision. I have finally come to a place of feeling full. Every moment that I release a piece of myself through my writing or music, I feel a sense of peace and comfort. I feel true to myself. In this journey, I know that I must be patient, strong, willing and wise. I thank God for strength and faith. Every experience is simply a chapter to be written and a lesson learned. I feel that as days and time unfold, so will I… If there is one particular thing I seek to put into practice at this very moment in time, it is discipline. To be self aware is to be wise. Growth is what I desire. Love and purpose will unfold the rest… - Lisa Movado


One morning, I woke up feeling mentally and physically drained... Have you ever woken up feeling that way? It's a common thing for someone who lives each day, wondering if they're going to fulfill their life's purpose. Is it cynical to think that I must be doing the right thing? And,not be bothered nor feel overcome by...exhaustion? But, I guess that's what happens when you are so consumed with vital tasks that lie ahead of you. I was recently asked, "What will have caused the moment when you'll say, this wasn't for me?" My response was, "Even if I went bankrupt, I still wouldn't feel like it wasn't meant for me. Some happenings, are out of your control. If it wasn't one mistake or ignorance that led to another, something went wrong. The words "It wasn't meant for me" sounds like a doubt. After years of ones hard work and dedication, successes and failures, impacts and contributions, you have to keep hope alive and try again." I feel that there will be challenges even in the very things that we were born to do. Obstacles are a part of life. It's essentially about your confidence and willpower. I went to bed thinking to myself, I don't know what I'm ultimately put on this earth to do... but I'm willing to use what I've been given, as I live through and tackle each day with a faith as small as a mustard seed.

The Other Side

As a vocalist, do you often times get discouraged by the dips and holes of the business side of music? It's one thing to live what you love, but it's a whole other story to have the courage to be persistent in realizing your passion. I learn something new everyday. The moment you can actually admit to when you were either wrong or just didn't know something, that's when you've grown up. Music Business is a whole text book worth of information to learn and understand. But, I believe in all things there's a challenge. It's not always about when you get to your destination. It's about how. The other side of your passion is just a hurdle. Take the leap... If you fall, you have no where to go and nothing else to do but to rise and go upward.