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What makes a person talented?

What makes a person talented? Is it the ability to do something that "entertains" or is it something else?

o Roger Parish I believe talent is spiritual. It's spontaneous creativity brought to life. You have to be free-spirited to access that world... and the energy flow is entertaining. September 14 at 6:13am · o Z F Taylor Excellent Point of View Sir! I wish more ppl would see it like that! September 14 at 9:21am · o Liz Reisman It doesn't have to be art or entertainment, just unusual skill. One can have a talent for putting together ikea furniture. Though that CAN be entertaining in a way... September 14 at 8:15pm · o Z F Taylor Wow... I never thought about it like that...but that is true. I can cook something and the presentation can be entertaining... I get it! September 14 at 10:22pm · o Roger Parish So that means that your uniqueness is entertaining, doesn't it? But most people go through life tryna be like every body else... September 14 at 10:33pm · o Z F Taylor I guess so huh!?!?! That's good talk right there!!! lol September 14 at 10:47pm · o Roger Parish Yes sir, my talented friend. September 14 at 11:06pm · o Z F Taylor God Bless you Sir! I can't wait for our next gig! September 14 at 11:14pm · o Roger Parish I found a... no, THE drummer for October 1 at Vonn's!!! ...just u wait n c ! September 14 at 11:18pm · o Z F Taylor Great!!!