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Thought of the day

On your journey, when you run into a wall that is high and wide, take a detour. To your surprise you might fine that you're on the right track after all. Kevens

New music, new show

Hello there everyone. I am presently in my studio writing new material for a brand new show. I feel this new project is my best work yet and can't wait for you to hear it. My new concert dates will be announced shortly. Be on the look out. All love. Kēvens

Thought of the day (May 6)

The best warriors do not use violence. Lao Tzu

Come rock with me next week

Happy May to you, how are you feeling today?. On Friday the 8th of this month, I am planning on rocking the minglewood hall in Memphis Tennessee & you my friend are invited :-) If you have a facebook account, do join me there via the link below where I have pics of the last show and video. Sending you rays of sunshine from this side of creation. Kevens


Though of the day (March 25)

If you don't scale the mountain you can't see the view. Apples of gold

Though of the day (March 24th)

Life is like a ladder. Every step we take is either up or down. Apples of gold

Thought of the day (March 22)

Man's capacity for justice makes democracy possible; but man's inclination to injustice makes democracy necessary. Apples of gold

Thought of the day

The highest good is not to seek to do good, but to allow yourself to become it. The ordinary person seeks to do good & finds that they can not do them continually. Tao

Thought of the day

Requite hatred with virtue. Lao Tzu

Thought of the day

If you want to possess something, you must first give it away. Te