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'A Special Gift' - Our Special Angel Project!

Featuring Mark Osborne, Ringo Jukes, Keith Ward, Dave Wine & Jimi Forest w/ lyrics by Julie Day & Mark Osborne, generous proceeds will help the Children of Children's Hospice through Johnny's Angels. CHPCC, & Johnny's Angels top promoters are helping us get the word around. Look for 'A Special Gift' Coming Your Way in the next few months: johnnysangels.org

Wild and Free chosen for Paulie's Podcast!

DigiVegas www.digivegas.com Paulie selects tunes from all over the globe! This is JD&A's third song chosen. Thanks Paulie & DigiVegas!

Download songs from our store and help those with brain injury too... Happy 2011! Generous proceeds going to Services for Brain Injury in San Jose, CA. www.sbicares.org.

Podcast 172 now playing - Let Me Convince You is in...

Paulie selects music from all over the globe to share. He's selected NOIZE and Julie Day's song Let Me Convince You for podcast 172 - now playing www.digivegas.com

Let Me Convince You in Podcast 172 on DigiVegas!

www.digivegas.com with Paulie Podcaster! Got To Have You by Dedline is in Podcast 171 & 169 with Paulie, and NOIZE aka: John Lofton, performer/sound recorder/lyricist of Let Me Convince You played the Oct 30th Diabetes Benefit Concert in Chantilly, VA Six Bands Played!

'Got To Have You' on DigiVegas & Pongid Radio

Your download of 'Got To Have You' or 'Upon My Death' from our Reverb Store helps those with brain injury! Thank you - We're on Podcast 169 on www.digivegas.com and see us in the new music list at www.pongid.net

Play Bocce with SBI

Sept. 12th @ Campo de Bocce in Los Gatos, CA Fund Raiser for SBI and one generous family has offered to match donations. Do the wine toss, Live Italian Music, Great Food, Friends, Family and Fun! 9:30am - 2pm. sbicares.org

Three of our songs selected for iRADIO LA play

'Got To Have You' by Dedline, 'Let Me Convince You' by NOIZE', and 'Wild and Free' by Grant Duncan have all been selected for play on INDIE 104 iRADIO LA! Celebrate with us! Thanks for listening to JD&A tunes... www.iradiola.com

Julie sings in 'Upon My Death - Zahid Bashar Pankaj

Our Demo is up and waiting for some listening from you! Let us know what you think please. It's dedicated to those with brain injury who have passed on... Continued best to you.

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JD&A has a UNICEF USA website!


Julie Day & Associates helps children in emergencies with a UNICEF USA website! Visit any time, donate, or become a supporter too...

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Working on another song with Zahid!

Zahid Bashar Pankaj & Julie Day have composed 'Upon My Death' Instrumental with a lyrical version in the works, and are also collaborating on another song together. We'll post demos, etc. as they become available.