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Labwerks Features Wild Heart!

Los Angeles based Indie Music Label Labwerks is featuring JD&A's Wild Heart Album to benefit those with brain injury! http://www.tunecore.com/music/jdayand Thank you to all the Artists/Music Professionals on this great project...

Got To Have You by Dedline, & Whispering Wind by Grant Duncan were selected!

.....Woooohoooo! Capt Jelly Bean & His Wacky Astro Pals is an online radio show that is presented between 7:30am and 8am every day Sunday - Friday. They play kid-friendly music which is featured on the show.

Capt Jelly Bean is directed at 0-6 year olds and features music and family-type listening. In addition to great music, they tell silly jokes, read a great stories, and more. Jelly Bean Radio is the squishiest radio in town. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/jelly-bean-radio

Whispering Wind Acoustic Version

Grant Duncan recently invited JD&A to offer Whispering Wind as a download from our store. 50% of proceeds will benefit those with brain injury...Thank you Grant! http://www.reverbnation.com/store/store/artist_347447?item_type=music

Driving Me Blind!

Ever have those scheduling dilemma days, when no matter how you try to organize you just can't get your self together? Driving Me Blind is a song about days like these. reverbnation.com/julieday

Recognize by Aaron Forte posted!

Come hear this beautiful song musically arranged, and performed by Aaron Forte. Lyrics by Julie Day. Recognize is dedicated to Our Heavenly Father.

10th in Female Singer on Ourstage!

http://www.ourstage.com/tracks/SXHKVWCVOGHX-upon-my-death-julie Julie Day singing "Upon My Death" by Zahid Bashar Pankaj and Julie Day. Come Listen to a new twist on death.

I Don't Need Much on over 400 stations

I Don't Need Much by Terry Burdette/Julie Day debuted on Country Legends in the Making, and is now playing on over 400 syndicated FM/AM radio stations... thanks to Terry and Dixie! Play I Don't Need Much and hear our other great tunes too!

I Don't Know Much on over 400 stations!

Thanks to Terry Burdette, and Dixie "I Don't Need Much" is now playing on over 400 syndicated FM/AM radio stations... Come listen to it and other great tunes: www.reverbnation.com/julieday

Don't Need Much

Just posted our professional demo version of Don't Need Much. Rachel Williams performs this Terry Burdette/Julie Day song and the demo was made at Kim Copeland Productions in Nashville, TN. Come Hear Our Country Tune!

At The Interview Video Added

A Comedy Video made at Inn Vision Facilities in San Jose, CA. Tables Turn as the woman being interviewed becomes the interviewer, even after being told not to ask any questions. Video Recording by David Hernandez, Peter played by Jesus, Woman played by Julie Day. Please donate and help the homeless "Inn Vision the way home". www.InnVision.org