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Doors and Windows

For the last couple of months my solo acoustic music has gone by the wayside while I was attempting to start another side project. I was auditioning for the 80s cover band, "The Spazzmatics." They're a gimmick cover band that dresses up as nerds and sings/plays over 80s new wave music tracks. They put on a fun and entertaining show; however, after 2 months of learning everything from Billy Idol to Madonna to Wham! they let me know that I didn't have what it takes to dress up as a nerd and sing 30 year old songs (although i am a fan of The Safety Dance). Oh well, F*#% em, I'm back people! The Denver J Band is still going strong and i'm able to devote more time to my very personal acoustic project. Look for me in a bookstore, coffee shop or winery near you. I'm currently on the lookout for a harmonica player and/or 3 piece drummer. Let me know and keep listening. Love, Denver