The Message

We continue to write and produce new songs for Pullin' Blue's repertoire. It feels like a flood of raw creativity has broken the barriers of form and function and is just waiting to be captured in buckets and made use of.

Such an AWESOME experience.

As a lyricist, I find myself sort of surprised by the over-all, general message of the songs that are coming to me. I cannot say that I am consciously wrangling words to make a point. Rather, ideas and phrases wake me up at night, compelling me to hear them. I oftentimes find myself leaning over my phone in the dark, capturing inspiration in the notes app.

What strikes me this morning as I go over some of the lyrics is the accumulation of pieces that are love/compassion-themed in nature. These are simple, basic concepts, yet there is still a need for them. It prompts a self-examination of my own life...and I find myself seriously lacking in walking out my own messages.

Music is not just for the listener, I find. Sometimes it's the writer who really needs the song in her to reverberate through her soul and ripple across the atmosphere through performance so that her own potential can be confessed and released into her life.

I want that.

Join us in communicating a message to the world that we all need to hear...and let's allow it to change us, regardless of its presentation.

Pullin' Blue, Kelly

Make Or Break

Did ya ever feel like you were at a crossroads in your life that could alter the course of your future just by a simple choice in attitude? I'm not talking HUGE live-or-die decisions here...just how you will respond to certain events that have taken place along the way.

Ya with me?

Or am I alone....?

It's so surprising how our responses to things that have happened in our lives--accidents, traumas, assaults, conflicts, successes, wins--have the potential to alter and shape the course of our destinies. For instance, if I have overcome something but refuse to move past my funky history instead of embracing my hard-won freedom, I will never OWN the victory and will spend my life apologizing for things that no longer exist!


Instead, I like to think on THESE things:

"Summing it all up, friends, I'd say you'll do best by filling your minds and meditating on things true, noble, reputable, authentic, compelling, gracious--the best, not the worst; the beautiful, not the ugly; things to praise, not things to curse...and God, who makes everything work together, will work you into his most excellent harmonies." Phil 4:8-9 The Message

And THAT, my friends, is Pullin' Blue!


Fire Season

The sun is subdued this morning. It came up over a smoke-filled valley and seems to resent its gray filter.

It's fire season in mountain country.

I feel I can relate to the sun. Just when I think life is good with green things growing as the result of life-giving rain, the heat gets turned up and all that growth seems to dry on the stem. Then somebody carelessly lights a match and "WOOF!", flames.

It would be easy, during fire season, to lose hope of things ever being green and growing again--to think that the current destruction marks ones doom...but that isn't so. As destructive as forest fires are, they have a redemptive quality to them; they burn off the dead and dying and make way for new life.

Come spring, after a season of rest, green beauty will rise from the ashes and freshness will return to last summer's disaster areas. What's more, because all of the decay and disease has been burnt, those mountain tops will not have to fear fire again for a very long time--there is no more fuel to feed the flames.

I like the thought of that--just many years of growth and renewal--hope!

So hang in there, dear reader, and don't let the forest fires in your life get ya down. Life and health are just around the corner...

Pullin' Blue, Kelly

A Little-Known Fact...

The average human body contains approximately 27 feet of intestines. That's a lot of guts!!

Interesting how the function of the intestines is to eliminate waste out of the body--they are transport units for garbage!

Doesn't it just smack as incredible that so much cellular structure and bio-mechanics would be put into organs whose sole function is the extraction of waste products from a viable being? My very limited knowledge of intestines is that they are comprised of miniscule nerves that, er, keep things moving and that if, say, something were to go wrong with those nerves, waste would stop moving out of the body, leading to necrosis and even death.

The analogy is coming...wait for it...

So often we have nasty stuff in our lives that accumulates through the day-to-day business of living. Things people have said or done, failures, trips, and foibles in ourselves, disappointments from the past and fears for the future. These things are part of the natural process called "life" but we do have to do some housekeeping.

Don't be ashamed of the garbage, but deal with it--keep it moving. If you choose to let it sit for too long, it will kill ya. Let it go.

And remember this: You have nothing to fear cuz you got GUTS, Kid!!

Pullin Blue, Kelly

Adventure or Nothing

"Life is either a great adventure or nothing." Helen Keller said that and it has sorta stuck with me. I mean, how profound--the idea that life itself is either the epic is was intended to be or just an epic waste of time.

But the determination to go for broke in adventuring through life comes with a price; the good stuff has risk written all over it. Usually, the greatest threat to stepping out in life adventure is fear of failure (which is always accompanied by potential loss in one form or another).

For me, music is a piece of the adventure story that has been like a golden thread, inter-woven throughout the tapestry of who I am all my life. Its glint has caught the sun in places and beckoned the eye as it has developed amidst the pattern of my life. Now the time has come to really draw it out and showcase it in the fabric...and all I can think of is how old I am (my tapestry is a mite longer than most beginner music artists'). You see the risk factor, don't you? I could be made the fool--the OLD fool, at that! Yikes!

Seems to me, I can either lock and load with my fears and go nowhere, or I can accept the bliss of ignorance and wade out into the unknown with my heart on my sleeve.

Yes, I MUST walk it out!

Pullin Blue is a great adventure for all of us band members in different ways. It requires great faith and other-worldly tenacity to rise above even our own expectations for ourselves. What we intrinsically agree upon in unanimity is that we MUST dance the dance of the creative; to do otherwise would be to accept our nothing.

Andre Gide said, "Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore."

Wow. I like that.

Here's to choosing adventure over nothing, Dear Reader!

Pullin Blue, Kelly


The summer months are beginning to hint of Autumn and my mind cannot help but contemplate change.

Some of the greatest experiences in life come through difficult periods where a definite change in direction is warranted...and it hurts... a lot.

As a Jesus follower, one of the revelations that has blown the doors off my ideology is that of authentically learning to love people BEFORE saying anything about my faith. I realize folks don't care so much about what you SAY as what you DO...which makes a lot of sense.

Several of the songs Pullin Blue does address this issue from one angle or another. It's all about getting back to faith basics and operating out of a Jesus kind of love.

I like that.

How's about you and me both turn over a new leaf in anticipation of Fall and make a difference.

Pullin Blue... Kelly