Behind The Music Tankified Volume 1

Track 1-I'll Survive

The first song off the record was the last Dead Kings song I ever wrote and the only one I ever penned the lyrics to in our 10 years. What you hear on the album is the actual raw demo... ( I did double the lead) ... the vox, bass, and guitars are all first takes, not meant to be used, MUCH unlike the rest of the album. I think this song has great looseness to it ...since we recorded it without thinking this version would be used... Even the Unplanned Metallica tail just happened but we decided to leave it on there.

Sunday Noon Nothing On The Tube Never Anything Much To Do I Just Know That I'm Missing You I'll Survive

Van Broke Down, Yeah The Engine Blew Missed The Show And Seeing You Some Alcohol Oh Will It Sooth? I'll Survive

Outta Work For A Month Or Two Another Round Of Ramen Noodles Sweating Now Cuz The Rent Is Due I'll Survive

When She Left Took My Radio Too Know What It's Like To Feel The Blues But That's OK I Never Really Liked You I'll Survive