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On 11 May 2017, Toolmakers Recording Studio in Sheffield debuted their #ToolmakersLive Stream set-up featuring, Braver than Fiction. #ToolmakersLive Stream Sessions are high quality live video sessions with pristine audio filmed in Nathan Bailey’s amazing, custom-built recording studios in the … Continue reading →

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#NoBanNoWall: Over 150 Labels & Artists Join Us in Donating Fridays Profits to the ACLU

Originally posted on Bandcamp Daily:
Over 150 artists and labels have joined us in donating their Bandcamp profits tomorrow to the ACLU and other organizations in support of immigrants and refugees. We’ve done our best to list them all here,…

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As 2017 approaches like a runaway sleigh, we are waxing retrospective and taking a nostalgic romp back through 2016 via the glory of Google. Using a custom image search, we are sharing the first results for each month of the … Continue reading →

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THUNDERCLAP #bettermakeitthefool

On 9th December, 2016 at around 5PM GMT, Thunderclap will blast out a timed Twitter, Facebook and/or Tumblr post from all of our supporters, creating a wave of attention (we’re actually hoping for more of a tsunami) but, this will … Continue reading →

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HALLOWE’EN 16 #halloween16

Three years ago today, Braver than Fiction first took to the stage as a brand new band (that makes this kind of our birthday). A lot has happened during those thirty-six months and it is with some degree of pride … Continue reading →

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Here we are then – presenting (possibly) the most un-Valentine’s Day blog post you could possibly imagine. No hearts, no cherubic Cupids, no sappy sentiments, no apologies; we are to Valentine’s Day what Scrooge is to Christmas. Braver than Fiction’s … Continue reading →

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It has been over a year since Braver than Fiction played their last gigand although the band have not been completely idle during that time, theirrumoured return to the live circuit is eagerly anticipated. The questions that are being asked … Continue reading →

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Introducing a ‘Guest Blogger’ here as this story is so great that we had to let her tell it herself; take it away, Tabitha Elliott Bauman – our blog is your blog for today! I was having a bit of … Continue reading →

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HALLOWE’EN 15 #halloween15

Has it really been two years since this all started?Another Hallowe’en is upon us and it marks our second anniversary as a liveband exceptthat (and you may have picked up onthis)we have not actually been performing for quite a few … Continue reading →

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Once upon a time, Braver than Fiction had an idea for a Jekyll and Hyde themed ‘Transformation’ T-shirt so our intrepid keyboard player (and secret fashionista) Jason took the plunge and had one made; there were a lot of “oohs” … Continue reading →

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