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Track Listing of the new Album

Track Listing: Daylight, In The City, Look Into My Eyes, Predator, Feel the Love, Should I Stay or Should I Go, Build Mama Africa, I Can't Breathe, Peaceful Demonstration, Amun, Thinking Out Loud From the first strains of the lead track Daylight the lyrics recall the final stages of a party as the sun starts to rise over the lover’s rock tempo. Soulful vintage-style support vocals, moody keyboard lines fortify a sweet lament from the lead vocalist Gaven as the party is coming to an end. For In The City, Gaven sings “sirens in the city, day and night, sounding so alarming” a vibe that harkens to the era of Curtis Mayfield or Marvin Gaye, a soul searching exploration of the modern times, lessons learned from the past. Also sung by Gaven is Look Into My Eyes with a Lover’s Rock feel as questions are asked from a romantic perspective. The one drop works the gratifying chord changes over stylized drums and percussion with organ builds. Predator cites the issues faced by the poor, and those predators that prey upon them. Delivered as a sparse nyabinghi drum and acoustic guitar lament, the refrain “can’t let them take our soul” raises the consciousness to another level. Feel the Love opens with soulful guitar lines that thread throughout the vintage vibes as the vocalist Gaven reflects on the lack of clarity in the relationship asking “Who’s going to pick up the pieces to make us one again? “ Next is a one-drop cover of Should I Stay or Should I Go which pays homage to Black Slate’s comrades-in-arms from the rich history of the UK music scene, the punk-influenced rock group The Clash who were deeply influenced by their reggae counterparts, right down to their name, a nod to the Sound Clash concept formed in early reggae dancehall trends. For Build Mama Africa the group draws for vintage Harry Belafonte and mento music for the chorus singing the chorus for “Dayo”: “Daylight come and I want to go home” in a repatriation-driven message for the Motherland. A Steppers-style rhythm drives a militant message of hope and the mission of rebuilding Africa. The song at just over 5 minutes has a lengthy instrumental outro with crash cymbals, intricate guitar lines and soulful organ progressions. I Can’t Breathe takes its name from the tragic last words of Eric Garner, the African-American killed by police who were in the process of arresting him for a misdemeanor type of charge and used excessive force. The bridge of the song’s lyric asserts what living in this “struggle I can’t leave” is like under the spectre “we really don’t know if we’re going to make it.” This tribute to Mr. Garner is the griot’s tale the current events inspiring the reminder in the lyrics “just want you to know Black Lives Matter just want you to know “Black Is Beautiful”. The title track, Peaceful Demonstration finds the band asserting their agenda for these times, the lyrics offers solutions citing Martin Luther King’s vision and advice to “no bother with your problem mind, its a waste of time.” Their demands being the right to “educate and free our minds”. Horns drive the clarion call as the lead vocal Gaven are supported with harmonies to further the demonstration of group demands. For Amun (See No Evil) a deep roots one drop rhythm is the backdrop for Jessie to sing the definition of the ancient Kemetic word meaning ‘see no evil’. A bonus track, a reggae cover of UK’s Ed Sheeran, the chart topper Thinking Out Loud closes out the set.


BLACK SLATE (VIBE EXPANTION) How do you make three into twenty-four without maths, the answer is magic……! The magic of vibes Roots Rock Reggae vibes perfected by Reggae Scientists Black Slate This was perfectly performed at A Peace Demonstration Held at Bibelot in Dordrecht,NL and the 4AD in Diksmuide BE. Black Slate And their roots rock reggae vibes expanded and fed their very tentative audience. Totally captivated by this four peace big band sound That’s how you do it……… with A Peace Demonstration If you have not experienced the Roots Rock Reggae Vibes conveyed with Black Slate Love, Then that is your next mission Should you choose to accept this mission to seek, experience and enjoy the beautifully delivered live sounds of Black Slate at A Peace Demonstration Near you, You can do so at www.blackslatereggae.com Where you can obtain the crucial tools of your listen trade the LP A Peace Demonstration Plus all the other tools you will need should you take this mission to seek…! Black Slate And A Peace Demonstration (Good Luck Enjoy…!)

Band of Reggae Scientists Black Slate strike again;

The core members of this magnificent Band of Reggae Scientists Black Slate strike again; after forty years in the business This time they are leaving their monument set in stone with A Peaceful Demonstration…… Anthony-PureSilk-Brightly (key Boards), Chris-Musichouse-Hanson (Lead/Rhythm Guitar) and Desmond-Dummy-Mahoney (Drums/Congo); They have earned the right the stand amongst the greats in the world of reggae music, because like the female energy that tends and nurtures life, they have developed and nurtured their sound from a vibe with a unique audio ID, which has taken well over forty odd years of research and cultivation with the help respectfully of previous band members, new members and session musicians who all have played a part in assisting this great seed of musical wealth. Anthony-PureSilk-Brightly (key Boards); backed by a father’s love for music from jazz to sound systems, groups to recording/producing; the young key board player got the DNA explosion to ignite his passion for reggae music from home and it found Black Slate Chris-Musichouse-Hanson (Lead/Rhythm Guitar); the mature wisdom of the band was a hard working electrician. A young man who’s passion for reggae cause him to move in musical circles until the magic touched him, eventually joining forces with other great reggae orientated minds, then the ultimate Black Slate which was named from his then trade. Desmond-Dummy-Mahoney (Drums/Congo); an engineer with light feet, excellent tradesman in his field, but he was an even greater dancer on the reggae youth scene and to top that a Drummer extraordinaire with boundless limitation aimed at reggae music. This skill he brought to the table with pure love which found Black Slate

These three in depth core members dedicated to reggae music with such a passion, that even with the split of the first and very successful Black Slate they never gave up. They stuck it out respectfully: Anthony opened several successful reggae night clubs, recording, producing many different artist plus labels, also joint entrepreneurial ventures with Chris his life-long-friend Chris’s electrical skill’s kept in the music business when he created Music House which amassed its own instant fame from cutting dup plates and masters for every genre that required it in the music industry. Desman taut and keep reggae alive in community workshops around the country, developing his skills constantly to greater heights, plus recording, producing and promotions/showcasing of new talent. These three core members financed their endeavours throughout these forty odd years with the true essence of Black Slate energy vibes, which could only be tapped into by love True Love. The love that these three reggae scientist omitted when they researched individually occasionally crossing paths, but ultimately never forgetting their collective purpose in life Black Slate which they have proven without a doubt with A Peaceful Demonstration….. Not forgetting Black Slate’s most recent gems that the core have added to this Reggae Force Black Slate: Colin-Steam-Fish-McNiesh (Bass) with many years of playing experience under his belt which he has shared heartically with Black Slate Jessie-Energy-Brade (vocals) Stage Name J.E.B. expressing his vocal skills by powering-up the musical spine of Black Slate, he is an industrial power-house of energy stepping rhythmically in the same direction Black Slate Gaven Magic Voice Creary (Lead Vocals) Stage Name G.M.B. the newest member of the band who is only just getting started, youth vocals at its best and willing to share his versatility with the great reggae force Black Slate All in all with past members, the newest editions, forty odd years in the business, this tidal wave of reggae force is heading towards the hearts, minds and souls and whoever else that gets converted along the way by BLACK SLATE As they deliver A Peaceful Demonstration…………

Our very 1st USA Tour

Greetings We hope this finds you well. We are back home from our 1st (Can you believe it?), our very 1st USA Tour in the history of our band. All of this began with our appearance Rockers Movement Festival in Miami in 2013, then, the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival in Boonville, California earlier this year. Fortunate circumstances following the Festival led to a 10 city tour beginning in Northern California's Wine Country in Sonoma, CA at Rossi's 1906 on November 8th, and ending at The Flamingo Cantina in Austin, Texas on November 21st. Original founders Anthony, Desmond & Chris with vocalist Jesse Brade and American bass player Andrew Emer, embarked on an unforgettable journey. In between, the tour stops included California dates in Santa Cruz, Blue Lake, Oakland, Ukiah, Santa Barbara, Huntington Beach, San Diego and in Los Angeles, where we shared the bill with Reggae legend Al Campbell at The Dub Club/Echoplex. It was a breathtaking and exhilarating time. Each show and audience were unique and special in their own right. We were amazed at meeting so many people of all ages who approached us with classic vinyl copies of our albums and songs for us to sign. Positive vibes were abound. It was an absolute joy to perform each night. The overwhelmingly powerful waves of love given to us from each audience is unforgettably heartfelt by all the members of Black Slate. Currently, you can see footage of some of our USA performances on YouTube from Sonoma and Santa Cruz, California. Lots more footage will be added soon. Tour photos, blogs and more too! It has been quite a journey, an incredible musical odyssey from our early days up to now. Black Slate wishes say THANK YOU to all of our fans old and new for your support. The Black Slate story is just beginning to be told. In the meantime, the Black Slate journey continues with lots more music, shows and great things to come! Stay updated here at Reverbnation, Facebook and of course, on our website: www.blackslatereggae.com. Cheers! Yours Truly, Black Slate

The things people have to say

Mack Pullish Probably the best roots reggae show in Austin this year so far. Curt Ganem Absolutely fantastic for sure. Also, they were some of the nicest people to be around. Andrew-Andy Groeschel Best live show I have seen since seeing dennis bovell and lkj about two years ago. UK styles!

Mack Pullish Says

Probably the best roots reggae show in Austin this year so far.

the things that people say 3

“Perhaps the deepest vibes of the weekend were from another group that made a rare U.S. appearance in true SNWMF fashion. Black Slate from the United Kingdom took my heart at the Village stage with a sound that is so much a statement on how reggae was and is part of the Diaspora from Africa. They use 60s and 70’s R&B vocal style and African cadence and tones and mix it with the energy and pulse of UK rock set to a deep roots reggae beat. They even move on stage like a rock and roll band, very physical and ensemble oriented. Although they may be quite obscure, they are a group to discover as is often the case with the festival offereings.” - by Justine Amadori Ketola, Reggaeville (Jun 30, 2014)

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“and UK based Black Slate fused the conscious vybz with musical perfection. Fans were fully engaged, crowding around the stages reflecting heartical devotion and unabashed adoration. These artists must be fully recognized as it is they who kept the Rasta Reggae flag waving during a time of chaos and fragmentation. Their music allowed and inspired reggae fans to remain faithful to the principles and spiritual attraction that roots reggae incited among believers in the early seventies. They have contributed significant importance to the ongoing energy allowing Reggae Revivalists to catch a fyah and rise to the crest. The integration of old, current and new reggae artists is the re-formation of an ailing industry and has blessed reggae fans with a history and future that has renewed energy to grow to new unrestricted heights.” - by Sista Irie, Austin, Texas, Island Stage (Jul 07, 2014)

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“Across the fairgrounds, Black Slate closed down the Village Stage on Sunday night with a full audience of roots music fans. This was the first appearance for the U.K. band at SNWMF. They ran tunes like “Brutality” and “Rasta Festival”, and fans begged for more, even as curfew set in and the band said their final goodbyes. The intimacy of the tiny stage under the trees, with low ambient lighting and the closeness of the stage, always seems to offer an enchanted experience. And with such an incredible band, it was the perfect ending to the festival. - See more at: http://unitedreggae.com/articles/n1582/072514/sierra-nevada-world-music-festival-2014#sthash.1DEm4cwc.dpuf” - Jacquelynne Ocaña, United Reggae (Jul 25, 2014)