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Introducing: 150 Friends Club

The 150 Friends Club is the latest project from David Goo – his ‘second feature’ so to speak – and could be described as the Variety Band’s uglier and more peculiar sister. Based on the Dunbar Theory that society works best in numbers of 150, the band plays what they call ‘intimate, intense rock things’ designed for no more and no less than a hundred and fifty people at a time.

Their first recording is their answer to the sixties song ‘I Know Something About Love’ and was recorded at Intimate Studios, live in the same room, second take, with overdubs. Mixed by Oliver Price at his home and mastered by Tim Debney at Fluid Mastering.

Mariya Brachkova – vocals Charlie Coulson Smith – Bass Oliver Dacombe – Drums David Goo – Vocals/guitars

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