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Slow Children’s name and song: offensive or creative?

Slow Children--our name denotes, to some, a negative connotation and a "slam about children that are "slow" either mentally or physically. Our intention with this name was not that, but rather to say, take it slow in this crazy, fast-paced world and always cherish your childhood (the children). There have also been attacks on our song, "Misery For Sale," which is a song about positive thinking and your thoughts controlling your reality, though it has been suggested that this song is somehow connected with suicide/teen suicide, because of the link to the name "Slow Children." We invite you to listen to our song for yourself and form your own opinion. What do YOU think?? You can check out our song @ AirplayDirect.com/SlowChildrenLV or MySpace.com/SlowChildrenLV - and then send us an email/message...We want to know what you think, because you as the fans make us what we are! :)