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An awesome reveiw of our little EP - Vainglorious

"Remember those old Samsonite commercials where they put some pristine luggage in a cage with a lunch-starved apes and let the poor simian have at it? Well that's what this no-holds barred EP recalls in spades." Serene Dominic - AZ Republic http://www.azcentral.com/story/entertainment/music/2014/04/25/phoenix-tempe-local-music-scene-report/8162737/

Join us at Rips, 3045 N 16th St PHX on April 25th!

We got bored; I decided to spend a buck on beer; we went to a riotous old saloon and had a few. - Kerouac Come to Rips Saturday, April 25th $5 at the door first drink is just one buck!(excluding premium alcohol) Just like Jack Kerouac.

Audio Amnmuntion reveiw and interview!

"Cool is a word that in my opinion is thrown around far too much and has lost a lot of its meaning. Miles Davis, David Bowie, Paul Newman, Steve McQueen that’s what I think of when I hear the word “cool.” Battered Suitcases exhibit a similar saunter and confidence that is necessary to pull off a complete rock n’ roll package well." Check it out!!! http://audioammunition.blogspot.com/2013/12/battered-suitcases.html

Press Release 1

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: BATTEREDSUITCASESAZ@GMAIL.COM VETERANS OF PHOENIX PUNK SCENE LAUNCH NEW PROJECT WITH A 4 SONG EP AND DEBUT SHOW A new sound is about to take to the tried and true stages of the local music scene and is sure to stir interest with their unique sound and truly original music. Pulling influence from multiple sources, Battered Suitcases, the brainchild of bassist Sharon Labor, best known as founding member and bassist with long time Phoenix punk icons, Labor Party. The band also includes Jessica Roe on drums, Jess has played in Sonic Thrills, Hell on Heals, and Atomic Zombie, Sue T Case, bassist and founding member of The Venomous Pinks and Frank Labor, singer, songwriter and lead guitarist from Labor Party. Battered Suitcases will debut Saturday, August 31st at Tempe’s, Tempe Tavern at 1810 East Apache Blvd. Along with their friends, Slizzards, Shovel, French Girls and Bob Domestic. Battered Suitcases infuses the sanctity of spoken word with the rawness and pump of punk and rock. Battered Suitcases 4 song EP entitled “Vainglorious” is sure to grab the attention of passionate music and poetry fans and propel the band into the spotlight. Battered Suitcases EP showcases the band’s strong musical sense and cohesive sound, giving listeners a taste of what the band is capable of and has in store for the future. You can visit the band online and check out a video for “Oblivion” on You Tube. Battered Suitcases is a promising new find in underground music. Be on the lookout for the EP “Vainglorious,” available August 31st online and on CD at their debut performance, August 31st, Tempe Tavern, Tempe, AZ For more information on Battered Suitcases check out: http://www.facebook.com/thebatteredsuitcases https://twitter.com/batteredcases http://www.reverbnation.com/batteredsuitcases