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Disssecting The Art of Extreme Metal II On Sale Now!!!

It's Alive!!!!! Dissecting The Art of Extreme Metal II on sale! It will be about a month before it is on Amazon - Italy = China - Germany - France = Brazil = Portugal = Indonesia - Australia = US = Britain = The World!!!! STAY BRUTAL!!!! http://www.lulu.com/…/disse…/paperback/product-22789643.html

In The Moshpit Tonight!!!

Tonight at 8Pm - 10Pm!!!!! Kevin Talley talks about touring with Suffocation and recording with ME!!!!!!!!!!! Interview With Metal Messiah Radio's Sick Drummer Magazine's Edition Brutal Beatings 18 Compilation with Pod Cast By Jeanne!!!! So stoked to hear it all over again!!!! I continue my history study of brilliant musicians fallen to the Gods with a Tribute To CLIFF BURTON on today's show as well!!!! Kevin Talley - Suffocation - Six Feet Under and a lot of Cliff Burton!!!!! Listen! Proud! and Turn It Up Loud!!!!!!Tonight at 8 -10 Pm!!!! www.cfur.ca - 88.7fm Inthe Moshpit

Kevin Talks about Recording with The Art of Hate


A great intro about Suffocation!!!! One of my all time top picks in Metal today!!!! Kevin takes the time to talk about recording drums and working with Garry Turner.

Blood Will Spill

Drum Loops and Metal Improvised Death Metal while working out riff ideas for experimental metal! https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10204587660903932&set=vb.1006504144&type=3&theater

DImeBag Darrell Abbott Tribute

On SoundCloud https://soundcloud.com/inthemoshpit/zina-and-garry-dimebag-tribute-2014

The Art Of Hate
The Art Of Hate  (over 2 years ago)


Dimebag Darrell Tribute on Cfur 88.7 Fm

I will be contributing to the annual Dimebag Darrell Tribute show on In The Moshpit with Zina Tuesday Dec 4th on 88.7 Fm 2pm till 4 pm Special song study by me "Cemetery Gates" and some cools stuff about Dimebag! Cheers Garry The Art of Hate

The Riddles of The Dead

10 songs to be done by Kevin Talley in 2015 Finally tracked the guitars and what a true metal experience it has been writing this album for Kevin to blast away on. Stay tuned for Riddles of the Dead

Tribute To Dimebag

Stay tuned for my tribute to Dimebag Darryl Abbot on In The Moshpit Radio coming Dec 2014 Some stellar stuff that covers my obsession with Dime, his guitar playing, his guitars and his music!

New Single "Silence The Screams"

Kevin Talley and Garry Turner release their 11 song in collaboration with Matthew Florio on six string bass guitar Coming Soon!

My Facebook Summer Tapes

Video Log of Summer 2014 Challenged myself to learn a ton of different styles and read sheet music again! Fun Time of Summer 2014 https://www.facebook.com/MetalGuitarExtremist/media_set?set=vb.1006504144&type=2