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Fall is coming!

Hi friends! Summer is winding down and with the coming of the fall comes some new shows with the two local bands I play lead guitar in, The Erin Elkins Band and Oracle. Check out the upcoming schedule which I'm sure is going to grow over the next few weeks as we solidify a few more dates. So join us if you're in the area and make sure to come up and say "Hi"...I'd love to meet you at one of our shows!

Spring 2015 shows

Hi Friends, Just wanted to let you know that I'll be playing with the Erin Elkins Band on three shows this Spring (can't wait to end winter!). So check out the new show schedule plus some new photos and a new video. Enjoy! Love

Pinterest & Twitter

Hey friends,

Just so you know I'm also on Pinterest and Twitter as lsaquing as my screen name. So look me up and follow me! Thanks!

New Solo Videos!

Hey Friends, Over the past couple of weeks I've recorded on my digital HD camera several "demo" videos of various guitar solos that I've written for specific worship songs that our band plays at church. If you are a guitar player in a church or youth band or a worship leader who is looking for some new guitar solo ideas then check my new videos out.

Also, I'll be posting some videos from "live" performances of me playing with my worship band during church services...it's always good to see live performances to hear solos in context with a band.

So I encourage you to post some comments and let me know what new solo ideas you've come up with too!




Hey friends,

It's been a while since I've blogged so here I am once again! I've been trying to decide what direction to eventually go in as far as a new project or album. There seem to be a few ways one can go as an artist. Here are some possible "roads" to follow: a rock instrumental album, a rock worship album (w/ vocals) or another acoustic guitar album but with modern worship song arrangements (suggested by a friend to do).

If you've ever done a recording project you know that whatever you decide you have to go all in or not at all. But I have to think about what might be the most attractive for fans to buy and listen to and enjoy. A rock instrumental album is something I've wanted to do after doing a rock soundtrack for a friend's movie, but it could be limiting as far as who may like it. And a full out worship album with band and vocals of original tunes and arrangements I do at church is cool but again, is that what people want and expect from me.

And as my friend suggested, the acoustic meditations CD covers alot of ground as far as fans; both young and old seem to like it. And as far as itunes stats are concerned that acoustic CD is by far the most popular.So maybe another solo acoustic album is the way to go. Who knows?

PLUS I'm trying to make a small band that I can rehearse with and do coffeehouse gigs with maybe once or twice a month just to get out there. Playing and leading worship music at church is great, but lately I've been feeling the itch to get out into the "real world" so to speak and sharpen my musical tools in another venue besides the church sanctuary.

So those are some thoughts...let me know what you think.



Holidays 2009 are almost here!

Hey friends,

Halloween is now over and candy is all over the house, but that means the holiday season is on its way. It's a perfect time to get a head start and get into the Thanksgiving and Christmas spirit by checking out my latest guitar instrumental album, "Acoustic Holiday" and either download it on iTunes or Rhapsody, OR buy the CD from CD Baby at http://cdbaby.com/cd/lovesaquing.

Take care and enjoy!