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Download the iphone app for Space Radio now! Ask the band questions, send fan photos, check out music and news! Get it here at the link... http://rvrb.fm/JN3GMH

Hells Gate DVD available everywhere!

Get your Legend of Hell's Gate DVD now! Check out Tanner Beards awesome film on the story of hell'sgate and enjoy music score written and performed by Lexie Beard, Josh Burney, Mark Ford, and some other great musicians!

Space Radio is doing music for new Yahoo.com show!

Please check out the new yahoo.com web show "Your Friends Will Never Believe You" with Tanner Beard and Ryan Rottman. Joe Jonas is the guest star for the first episode. Check it out here...


Listen to Legend of Hell's Gate music preview


Just click on the music tab to hear song samples from the movie!

Legend of hells gate premiere in Dallas!

I had a blast at the Dallas film festival and thanks so much for all the nice comments about the music score . The movie will be in theaters soon and in wal mart and on On Demand this year so please check it out ! A great western by a young film maker Tanber Beard who not only wrote and directed the film but acted in it as well! Was great to work with him. I will be posting music clips from the movie on spaceradiomusic.com.

The Legend of Hell's Gate

Don't worry! The Legend of Hell's Gate: An American Conspiracy is finished and Space Radio did a great job on the score for the movie. If you want to know about the sound track just send a message to Lexie!

Space Radio in the news

Check out this article about Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum! Why? Because Lexie Beard is mentioned and so is Space Radio! Tanner is also mentioned in the article. Cool stuff!


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I have just finished scoring the music for the movie The Legend of Hell's Gate:An American Conspiracy.

I also posted a new song I wrote for the movie Exterminators called Silent Revolution - written by Space Radio! It's now for sale on itunes! Check out the new website at www.spaceradiomusic.com