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Some older stuff has been put up

I have posted some older songs up on the site that I recorded myself to to change things up a bit. I used my personal recorder to do them and if you can tell I was pretty new at using it. I am still working on getting all the kinks out to be able to record the newer stuff as quickly as possible. I will continue to keep everyone posted

searching for musicians

I have been writing for a while and things seem to come out pretty decent. But I believe that if I had the power of musicians to write with me, such as a bass player and a drummer, that I would be more creative. I also believe that if I was to be working with other musicians that My music would be much more appealing to others. So if you know any drummers or bass players in the Houston area looking for a band. let me know because the sooner we can get started, the sooner we can book some shows and play live