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Alive and well

Driving over the road, no time, software glitch... gettin' it all straight. Not dead. Just busy, busy, busy. Be droppin' some new stuff SOON, I PROMISE!!!

5 DAYS!!!!

Gonna have some time this weekend. Monday should have a new JAM!

Hold it!

Been busy looking for a CDL job, but when I get to tweek my newbies, I'm droppin' 2 or 3, that will BLOW YOUR MINDS!

I'm not DEAD!

I'm not! Just been really busy. Should be dropping a new Crowspeaks tune by the end of August!

Get it right!

Damn the ranks! I'm numero uno in the lame ass Springs, I don't care what it says!!!!

Be patient!!!

Been doing CDL school, so I haven't put any new stuff up. I'm gonna nail it soon, so just hang in there! PLEASE!!!!


How do I keep dropping? There is NO ONE in my area that does anything half as good!!!!

Please like my page!

If you fan me, please like my page. I'll return the favour! I like the likes!

Free Downloads!!!!!

Grab them all, for free! Just my first couple ones, so why not? Enjoy!!!

Can't believe this crap!

Jeez, you go a couple days without posting a new song and wham, they yank your #1 status, for a small town with no talent! What a joke! Thanks to all who still support The Crow!