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Developments Aug 2015

Hey guys,

some good news on the band front. We now have a solid team in place, in the shape of Andy Davidson on drums, Will Miller on bass and Fraser Mclean on second guitar. We have a few gigs starting to roll in and I’m chuffed with the way it’s sounding. Head on over to my youtube channel and our latest gig, Belladrum Festival!

Also, I now have a manager, I know about time! in the form of Peter Muir of Market Square Music, 44 (0)1280 308010.

Thanks guys

New Album

Hi there, been busy working on new album "Miracle Of Healing", doing the mixes and artwork.. and it's almost ready.. give it another few weeks and we should be there! hope you all check back to give it a listen!

New Album

working on a new, as yet untitiled album... got the guide tracks done and also the drums.. will let you know how it's going.. good to be back in the saddle!