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New Blog - http://www.tumblr.com/blog/brentzen

Just joined tumblr, Not sure how this will workout. Could be a great forum to exchange ideas for new songs. Working on a new song “Butterfly Winds”. Check out my Pinterest for inspirational pics. Feel free to post any suggestions.

Dark Days of Adit - Album Release

Check out my Newly Released Album Dark Days of Adit at the STORE on this site. I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks so much for your support. I am working on songs for my Second Album I have one of the new songs ready to release soon.

Thanks to all my Fans and Friends. Lets keep making music together.

Take care.

My Music Inspiration and Influences

My music is influenced by many things. Many years ago I was afforded the opportunity to participate in a unique cultural exchange project directed by our then President of the United States Ronald Reagan. I traveled with a music group into the Iron Curtain Countries on several trips one of the trips included Poland, Hungary and Czechoslovakia, and we were part of a filmed documentary on that particular trip. I became highly aware that Music is a language that transcends all languages and forms trust and bonds in ways nothing else does. Needless to say this trip left a deep impression on me and I have so many experiences from that one trip alone to write volumes of music. Beyond that, I have been fortunate to have had many such trips throughout the world and as time goes on I hope to share them with you and share more details of the specific events that have touched and changed my life along the way.