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Do you want airplay

I just launched a Web Radio Station RogueIslandRadio.com if you want to submit your music just send an MP3 to Mike@RhodeIslandRocks.net

Red Reign
Red Reign  (almost 4 years ago)

please send me a link to your station


I have 3 projects on deck. First one is rerecording 10 of my older songs, Second is a New CD with 10 brand new songs. Finally I would like to record a blues cd with different local musicians. I want to do standards that are of Public Domain. So royalties do not have to be paid out. All proceeds from the blues cd will be donated to the American Cancer Society. Cancer Sucks and it has touched so many of us. The Blues CD will also be very interesting because I want to go mobile recording. Going to or having the musicians come to my studio one at a time. So you might not even know the musicians that played on the song with you. A blind collaboration. Well That is what is going on.

Cancer Sucks

So 50 % of all profits from songs sold or merchandise from my reverbnation store go to finding a cure for cancer.


I started this page to share songs I have written and expanded it to songs I have played on. The song name comes first in the song title area after the / is the artist I played with.

Mike Markovich is myself playing all instruments Guitar, Bass, Keys, Mandolin and Drums. RI Rocks is Dino Larson on Guitar and Vocals. Eric Hallworth on Drums and Myself on Bass and Vocals Beyond Blonde is Lisa Markovich Vocals and Guitar, Gary Ross on Guitar, Donna Compos or Mick Coste on Drums If thereis a * after the song it is written by myself.

50% of all sales go to find a cure against cancer.


Just want to Share Songs I have Written.