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Just watched a Netflix documentary on Ronnie Laine. He spoke of handing over songs to his band (Small Faces) and being amazed at how they expanded and energized his work. Had the same experience last Wednesday night. We were struggling with a tune, and I was about to give up, when Mark started a great funk beat, Dave, Tony and Larry jumped in and we suddenly CRUSHED the tune. Played it yesterday for the first time in front of an audience, and it was well-received. We're recording it this Wednesday night, and it truly rocks! I hope to post a rough mix here by Friday morning. Look for it and, as always, let us know what you think.



Back on track(ing) with upcoming release

The band will gather in our studio this Wednesday to lay down song number five, marking the halfway point for our CD. We're still shooting for mid-Spring 2013 for release. Things are coming together well, with just a few hiccups as we transition from our digital deck to Mark's ProTools setup. This week's song, Push to Beat the Train, is a driving acoustic piece about the choices we make in relationships, at work and in the world that cause us to alienate and isolate ourselves.

Chances are we'll lay this one down live, then come back and overdub a lick or two, if necessary.