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New Releases Coming Soon

Stay tuned.....I know you have been waiting for Boss's Life. Coming soon and keep informed by following @torianoent IG and twitter. Have a lot coming. And don't forget to check out Pandora's Box in Jackson TN this weekend TRINA will be in the house! See you there. #TEnation

Studio Flow

We are up in here tonight HITMAKERS all night long....PS Bnicoldareason in the house! Straight out of Louisiana

TE Nation

Toriano Ent TE Nation Big Beanie is preparing to release his new project "Illustrations Of A Boss's Life" and you will all be adding this to your music collection....Real Life Real Situations Real Hip Hop for a REAL artist. Stay Tuned!

Illustrations of a Boss's Life

Big Beanie is about to release the hot new CD "Illustrations Of A Boss's Life" ....stay tuned for the link. This is a project that you do not want to miss adding to your collection. Should I give you a little preview?


Call your favorite radio station and request Credit Score by Tre-Ez. Hot new single playing in Memphis on Hot 107 and K97. Request here on this link also: http://www.mediabase.com/mmrweb/7/stationplaylistrequest.asp?format=XX&OB=-1 TE Nation the ones to watch


In the yo creating more and more hits....yes hits. If you don't know you will soon. Check out Gone Corporate on datpiff.com and then move onto Rumors Made Me Relapse. Let us know which is your favorite. Appreciate the love.

Studio Flow

In the studio creating hit after hit after hit....they will know. TeNation getting it in one banger after another. When you are sleeping we are creating what you will be listening to tomorrow....

New Summer Banger

Download the whole new summer banger....listen to the intro and you wont want to stop listening until you hear the whole CD....rumors made me relapse...it tells a story. http://www.datpiff.com/Big-Beanie-Rumors-Made-Me-Relapse-mixtape.494202.html