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Fuller Brothers Band / Blog

The Fuller Brother Band is enjoying the Holidays off

FULLER BROTHER S BAND The Fuller Brother Band is enjoying the Holidays off and will be back to work in the studio after the New Year 2015 for the finishing of the “KINGDOM COME” Album. Until then have a Happy and Safe New year and May The One Most High God Bless You & Your Family of Love Ones 1+Amen!

NEW!!! Sneak A Peek of the song "MONKEY!"

NEW!!! Sneak A Peek of the NEW "KINGDOM COME!" 4th World Wide Album the song called “MONKEY!” http://www.reverbnation.com/fullerbrothersband?profile_view_source=header_icon_nav#

NEW!!! Update! Special Olympics 2015

May 31, 2014 NEW!!! Update! Special Olympics 2015 New Update For Hit Song “Make It Shine!” By Fuller Brothers Band Video link Local #1 National #65 Global #86 Global All Genres #20,744 http://www.reverbnation.com/fullerbrothersband?profile_view_source=header_icon_nav# Special Olympics 2015 Make It Shine! By Fuller Brothers Band from our 1st Album; "Plush Final Second!" The song is called; "Make it Shine!" Please Remember To DONATE To Your Home Town Special Olympics Committee. They Would Love To Hear From You. They Do NEED YOUR HELP And SUPPORT. Thank YOU Always For Any Amount Of Financial Dollar YOU Decide To Donate to YOUR Special Olympics Committee In YOUR OWN Home Town. Take Care And Be Well. May Our LORD GOD Bless YOU And Keep YOU Always 1+Amen! Special Olympics Donor Help Services # 1(202)824-0373 or Main Toll Free Number # 1(800)700-8585 This Song and Video Is Being used By The Special Olympics International Committee #7 Around the world to help the children to be inspired and motivated to train with their trainers as well the worlds large corporations to donate and public awareness of donated funds to inspire the public to take part in their own local chapters for the opening Special Olympics games in Los Angeles California in 2015. The Fuller brothers Band Is Hoping to play this song live in the opening ceremonies, unfortunately due to being new not even one year old yet and unsigned, there are limited time spots open for performances so the Fuller Brothers would love if you pray for us, the unknowns. How the song came about is a really cool story uncle Dave and Paul received a visit from their 16 year old nephew AJ Fuller a Special needs child born without a cerebellum. AJ had to grow and overcome what doctors said could not be done, AJ DID IT! He astounded the whole medical community in the whole history of mankind, gaining national attention of such human feats of accomplishment in the field of human anatomy and its ability to overcome without a human cerebellum. So AJ Fuller came up to Uncle Paul Fuller one day out front of the studio of the Fuller Brothers Band and asked what are you doing Uncle Paul? Paul said trying to come up with an idea for a new song so I’m doing some recording right now, with that AJ said he too wanted to write a song for his friends like him back at home to make them feel good. OK Paul said you want to be in the band on the new album, so what instrument can you play. AJ opened mouth and he sang out the words in a real loud voice MAKE IT SHINE! Paul said WOW! AJ you sang that clear and on key, do that again and so he did MAKE IT SHINE so Paul took the recording in to the studio. The voice you hear at the beginning and in the middle of the song is AJ on that day at that exact moment in time. To this date it has been the fastest song yet that the Fuller Brothers Band has ever written. AJ Loved it, so did his class mates and some people said the song and video even brought a tear to their eyes so the Fuller Brothers Band sent to the Song and video to the Special Olympics committee and it took off from there. We now have received emails, letters and phone calls from all around the entire world of people who have said how the song has touched their lives. New!!! See Video and Photo Area for 16 year old A.J. Fuller Co-Producer & Band Member for Hit Song by Fuller Brothers Band "MAKE IT SHINE!" Local #1 National #65 Global #86 Global All Genres #20,744 http://www.reverbnation.com/fullerbrothersband?profile_view_source=header_icon_nav#

New! See Photo Area For 16 yr A.J. Fuller Co-Producer Hit Song "MAKE IT SHINE!"

New! See Photo Area For 16 year old A.J. Fuller Co-Producer & Band Member For Hit Song by Fuller Brothers Band "MAKE IT SHINE!"

Eddie Ray Frank Jr

Eddie is also a brother of YOURS at ReverbNation,...

Eddie Ray Franks Jr Keep Eddie Ray in your prayers. This is a friend. He had a stroke on Monday. It affected his eyes, can not focus unless one is covered, sees double. They have a eye specialist coming to fit him with special glasses that is suppose to correct them but no guarantee. He is worried it is permanent and he would never drive again. Also makes him dizzy and he can not walk. They are walking him now and tomorrow he goes to another hospital for rehab for at lest 2 wks. HE said today, I will never sing again, I told him that his voice was not affected. There is a mass on the back of his brain and they say in time it will go away and he will be better but no guarantee. As I said please keep him in your prayers he is a wonderful singer and a wonderful man. Linda

Thank you Linda May The Good Lord One Most High turn his loving face and shine his loving light on the both of you in this time of need. I Will Pray for the WONDERFUL COUNSELOR to come to you 1+Amen! From All of us at the Fuller Brothers Band we Love your Music so please don't stop!

Talking to BLACK OUT COUNTRY and this came up

76, Cool Slightly Breezy 0 to10 miles per hour, Big Blue Sky an occasional Big Puffy white clouds roll'n by, children at play off in the distant in the back ground only to be slightly muffled out by the sounds of a camp fire by a babbling brook with the sounds of waves coming up on the shoreline embankment, if you take the time you can hear the birds singing in the Meadow of the trees my 14 yr old daughter and I had Einstein bagels sandwiches with coffee lunch hearing some other people sitting besides us talking softly about How God can give to all a mind at peace if people would stop and just listen. Today is another one of those days in AZ like the one I recorded if you want to at least hear it,.. I Did record it on a previous day I'll Send You The Link to a Video we did of that spot called "Holy Spirit." turn it up and put on surround sound https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kniLQD1cbXU

Your Friend AND FAN Paul:)From Fuller Brothers Band

Help The Children!

Support A NEW!!! Early Released Music Only Song For Charity From The Fuller Brothers Band. The Up Coming 4th World Wide Album Releasing Date Is Set Out For Late Summer Early Fall to be In Stores Near You. The "KINGDOM COME!", Support A Cause By Helping The Children Charity Campaign Drive http://rvrb.fm/1lM678 Brings From The "Music Only" Side Of The New 4th Album Comes; "KNOCK THE NOT EVEN SAVED!" By Fuller Brothers Band :)Enjoy!