nature's fury

the group is here to bring back what we started in the early 90's.as 80 babies we have experince enough to say yeah it's time for a change,for our youths and the world in general.so we need to voice our messages in our music.cause music is power.we all have a story to tell but we need to tell it well.with our skills and life experinces it's all bundle in to one formula for everyone to understand and try to relate.we let the streets stay streets and the music remain music which is hip hop.this is not rap music.nature's fury is the destrustion waiting to happen if u mistreat hip-hop for what it realy is.and we have alot of people getting into music just for the show of it,not for the passion.I know change can't happen over night but if we can change i person..then that counts enough for us.let's keep it real y'all..real music..real life..real situations that we all face. A&R productions. "it's not just music it's a movement".