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Behold! The Monolith are a Stoner Metal/Prog/Sludge band from Los Angeles, CA. The bands debut “EP” was released independantly in 2008 followed by a full length in 2009 recorded by “engine-ear'” Billy Anderson (High On Fire, Melvins, Neurosis). So far, the band has gotten to share the stage/open for Armored Saint, Slough Feg, Intronaut, Holy Grail and Stoner/Doom legends Trouble. BEHOLD! THE MONOLITH are currently writing/demoing material, and are planning to record their next album with Billy Anderson in early 2011. To buy Behold! The Monolith merch, vinyl and cds go to: http://arcticforestrecords.blogspot.com Or if you prefer: AllThatisHeavy.com HellrideMusic.com