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Boys & Girls I Love You


New Album on its way! Singles OUT!!

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Boys & Girls I Love You

If I had more time I would have more mastered but like everyone else I'm slammed. I have the album 80% done. I need to master 10 other songs. I need to fix some things on all the rest of the songs - some minor, some may take a few days tops. So I'm thinking Spring/Summer. I also have a couple songs I'm working on with Jimmy Young that will be coming out soon that are my personal favs.

ROCK! & Listen to the new singles here: http://www.reverbnation.com/mattpowers


2nd Album on the way

I'm working really hard right now, cutting back on sleep, working on my new record. Though I wrote Buy In Buy Out in the studio 6 months ago, it has been the source material for most of the gestalt of the next record. I'm looking at Buy In Buy Out and Gravity as being the singles for the next record.

I'm toying with the idea of releasing sneak peeks of the roughs... maybe just for fans...

rock, Matt

Matt Joins People

So if you're on the LA scene, you're no stranger to People, the latest Indie Rock band to race up the pipeline. I was fortunate enough to have played with their drummer on some blues gigs on the coast of Northern Cali and we got to know each other. It was only months later that I was called, the day before Christmas Eve, and asked me to come down for some rehearsals and possibly a show.

So far its been great. Our first show together is at the Cat Club in LA Feb. 14th, bring your Valentine. Check out: http://www.peoplerock.us or myspace.com/peoplerock

ROCK, Matt

Buy In Buy Out Sneek Peak

So I've been sitting on this song for a while. Its a hodge podge of different things I was working on at the time that Jonny and I took into the studio shortly before I left for California. My head was definitely not in the game that day, but I do feel that we came away with something good. My vocals were shaky and the melody quite new, but I think the emotions are in the right place. I'll be rerecording this for sure, but its nice to see what the album would have been like with Jonny co-producing it and playing on it. He played that signature like on the opening of Blasphemy on Never Ending Aftermath, he doubled a lot of guitar and did several lead guitar parts. But, alas, it was only for this short song that we collaborated. (this one and one other secret one).

The final mix actually only has my vocals and all Jonny's guitar work and bass work with Jimmy from the Crash Moderns on drums, killing it!

I really appreciated there time on this and I think it should be heard, perhaps not paid for, but definitely heard.


Intro to Matt Powers

Hey Everybody,

This is my first facebook/reverbnation blog. I'm an indie artist who has one album out on iTunes/CDbaby/Amazon and elsewhere who is working on his second album. I am also the bass player for the Cringe (www.thecringe.com). We're working on our 3rd album right now too.

Have a listen to the tracks I have up here and on www.myspace.com/mattpowers2.

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