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Young Money Unsign Hype Vol. 9

Go get this mix tape y'all Take this Life ft. Angie B. is on it... here's the link http://grindcityent.com/

Got a lotta going on right now and it's so good... feeling blessed

Right now I am getting ready to go up to The Hard Rock Lake Tahoe for my 1st battle round. So I am gettin' my practice on everyday. I am also getting my 1st EP off the ground, Test KaSe The EP Part One. While I have already started working on songs for the 2nd EP. Plus I have a show coming up in April at the Blue Lamp right here in SacTown. So I will stay steady on my game and continue to better myself day by day. Watch me... I am going for all I can go for. I got big dreams... but more importantly I have goals, I set, and I make them. Stay blessed, and stay grateful. One Soul y'all cuz I believe that!

Go Get The Chicken Wings II Xtra Hot Sauce Mix Tape

Lots of good artists on here.. And don't forget to check out Track #16 That's my ish


Gettin' Set

So I got a lot of ish going on right now.. 'bout ta move to Sacramento N get this music popin', set up my studio N get these beats slappin'... T minus 7 days N I'm up N outta Broketown....


CHICKEN WINGS II gonna b coming out OCT 31st N Take This LIfe is gonna b up on it. Stay tuned for more info N go check out Fourt33n Minutes Left on FB https://www.facebook.com/TeamFML

One Soul

Workin' on a new song Called One Soul... I am falling in love with the project. Tryin to get my audio situation worked out, so for now I am making the beat and gettin' it strong and workin' the lyrics out right.

My Life

I am just on a journey with the rest of y'all... Tryin' to make my way... free sprit, tryin' ta do good. I want to inspire and just be a better me. One love y'all.