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Come and Support!!!


Luckily I could be here!!! Thanks for giving opportunity!!!

Busy month

Hi, everyone. How have you been? I've been spending pretty busy month. I'm just getting ready for my first music video. It's busy but looking for out fits is my favourite part. Also I'm getting choreograph in this video. I really have to work hard to make sure my dance looks professional! Film shoot will be started next month and hopefully get done by this year cuz I'm going back to visit Japan!!! I have to promote:)) Make a wish .I hope all the things go well(´・Д・)」

Youtube Link:)

http://youtu.be/uHCAu6FgsTk I uploaded my song!! Please give a shout!

After show

Finally finished performing at Kozmic Zoo. It was first time to perform with choreogragh. I was kinda nervous to perform with different place and new challenge but I really enjoyed and I've got next goal from this Event. Unfortunately I can't check with the video to feedback this show due to technical problem. However, I realized always need more practice to be a proffetional singer as my ideal artists.

Yuri's official website!!!

My website is finally opened!! Please visit and check this out:) yurisound.com