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Its hit 2017 Already

After spending over a year trying to get myself back together after being ran over we have accumulated 13 tracks for the first album. We are finally back just recently polishing and re-recording 5 tracks which we will release as an EP in the near future. I haven't felt like doing much other than sleeping and pressing ice all over my back and neck.. but it seems I have finally returned with some energy.. I just need to make that grow! Like a Chia pet of doom!

I look forward to sharing with all of you soon these 5 songs that have taken so long to form.. much longer than me or my bandmate ever imagined.. it has been a true task sorting our lives and broken bodies out to accomplish such a simple task.

To all the newcomers, Thank you! and Welcome to the Demon King Waiting game! It is really crazy how Demon King has suddenly boomed from a handful of followers to OVER Ten times what it has been since we initially posted any material in only a few months.. with no more effort on our part.. maybe wrestling has something to do with it.. I don't know.. either way..thanks to all those out there keeping up with the page.. Metal Eternal.

Its been nearly 2 years

Since the initial release of Thousand fold Soul.. and I have finally been able to muster up 12 songs for our first album release.. some of which are only just beginning to be written.. This has been more of a task than I had imagined, the first recordings were awfully rough by todays standards apparently.. but starting as a poor man who labors away instead of focusing on music does not help things.. the king however is here to stay. The new recordings for the album are amazing and I cannot wait to share them with the world.. but it must wait until it is just right, just as a stew simmers to perfection.. the world is a dark and terrible place minions, but look forever onward to a day when the king reigns supreme. - Much love, Demon king.

Yep.. the Demon train is still moving

Couple new songs on the way and some new re-recording and remasters of the old songs will be on the album (yes finally an album is coming!).. Possibly selling on amazon and on Bandcamp (we don't have one just yet and when we do I will update the info everywhere) AND soundcloud and here digitally with a planned physical copy (its gonna be reaaaaally nice! lots of pictures!) and shirts at shows once we get going.. thats right you will only get it all at the shows once we get going. . If you don't already follow us on Facebook or soundcloud here are the links. https://soundcloud.com/charles-dyson and https://facebook.com/DemonKingOfficial

Still breathing.

Yes, hello minions! The Demon King here to let you know we have had a change in music equipment and recording gear, snow and bullshit has blown our way but an album is in the works! When it is released it will be available as a digital purchase FIRST! 3

Progression not regression

I would first like to thank the only person to comment on our wall God does indeed bless us. Which one is uncertain, possibly Shiva or Angra Mainyu, maybe even a lesser Asura, may the black spirits of jazz be with you! At any rate I still live and there is music to be made! Check our facebook page for an exclusive demo of one of our new songs! https://www.facebook.com/DemonKingOfficial

The King lives.

There was a terrible and great ice magic that imprisoned the king for a time.. but the kings power is too great and the ice has melted.. let the voice be heard once more.

Its been a while minions.

Yes we are still around, there are at LEAST 5 new songs on the way, we are shooting for a set of at least 12 for the first album all around 3-5 minutes a piece so you get about 40-60 minutes of crazy fucking black metal as of right now I have 6 songs that I have not put on here one of which is on Soundcloud and I am about to put out our 3rd release as a teaser for the full album here shortly, I am not sure how many more of these I will be releasing on soundcloud but there are some other teasers up there as well. The Demon King album will be released when its done, just expect it to be sooner than a Tool release! haha! seriously though I hate to put a time frame on things especially the way its all been going lately, but I would say by around July-September it will all be ready.. yes.. it is a long time from now and yes that is a 3 month time span in which it may or may not be ready.. goddamn its like baking a cake, if you don't do it right its all gonna turn out wrong believe me.. in the mean time I am working up some schemes for shirts and stickers and the like.. which will be out a few months before the album and as I keep saying don't forget to check our soundcloud for some tasty tidbits and free listens!

Winter of discontent

Still at it everyone, currently there are 5 new songs in the works and if you check our soundcloud *https://soundcloud.com/charles-dyson* you will find that we uploaded another song "Cursed" there. it will be available here when we get our other songs together, thanks for your patients - The King.

Times are hard.. and so is my... yeah.

We are working on it folks. it took around a month for thousand fold soul to come together and we are slightly behind schedule on our next song but we do have several more songs planned already and I am splitting alot of the work between the songs, we did however record recently and most of it we will not use.. more or less brainstorming sessions but the new song is close to completion! \m/ Metal.