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Outro of The Outro's

Have you ever swallowed a whole roll of tums just because someone in a bathroom stall said it would cure your irritable bowel syndrome? Have you ever been violated in the ear by phallic shaped sound waves? When's the last time your uncle patted you on the back and wished you were still that sexy little boy who would play hide and go seek? Well it's never too late to relive the past.

The Outro's are something that isn't in your garden variety worm fertilizer and tobacco store. In fact, they aren't related to gardens at all. The Outro's is something you imbibe and don't forget, like the cheerleader.

What hits you is stronger then a hurricane of ocean water specifically formed from a cascading meteorite (Normal hurricanes need not apply). The earth shakes and so does your soul for rock n roll. Just remember, what starts with an intro always ends with The Outro's. Really long Outro's. And we really like David Bowie.

Also yes, it is The Outro's, not the outros.