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Studio Time

This is it, the time is upon us. Words cannot describe the excitement stirring around the camp at SS. But as this is not a video blog, we'll see if we can describe it in words. As Febuary draws to a close and the pages turn into March, a new chapter for Seeking Shelter will begin. With the aid of Jeff "dont call me Jeffery" Quimby in the role of producer, we shall toil into the wee hours of the morning for a fortnight. Maybe two fortnights. I'm not entirely sure how long a fortnight is. Anyway, I'm getting off track here. We will Forge a new sound, a bold sound and dare I say it...a funky sound. Well maybe not funky but definatly new and bold. We will be recording at Integrity Studios in Mobile, Al. We know that all the prayer and hard work we've put into the preparation of this project has gone toward something special. And as God's hand begins to manifest itself through the lyrics and melodies of these songs, we'll know that our part has been completed. To share our testimonies of God's infinite love and mercy and to use this ministry to go out and tell the world of Jesus' sacrifice and the reward of having a relationship with the creator. Thats the goal and the finish line is in sight, all we have to do is pursue it. So keep checking in during the first week of March for in studio updates and for the official release date of the album. Keep seeking, God bless -SS