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Sweet medley, Lonely is a great tune. The vocalist has a voice like an angel and compliments the song. Backup did a superb job with this artist The vocals in this song had a simplistic beauty about them; their tone was angelic and sweet. The lyrics were creative and I thought they were really talented, catchy, relatable and heart wrenching. The instruments were top of the line The peaceful guitar melody worked well alongside the vocals, and the whole song had a relaxing and calming energy about it. The chorus was catchy and I really enjoyed this song. I would recommend it for its simple country beauty and personality inside it. The lyrics about been to church, to hell and back were excellent. I loved this song and would definitely put it in heavy rotation! The music industry needs more like this. #1 Micheal S. (Radio Marketing Director, Baltimore Maryland)


Review for "A Little To Gone"

Nice introduction and the guitar is good and on key. Vocalist is on key and she jumps right into the song. Good harmony at 39 seconds and nice vocals on the hook. Instruments: violin, Country Guitar, drums, and 2nd guitar-Electric, and background vocals. Great harmony and ensemble. The band seems to work very well together. The track is in synch and it seems that this entire band is a perfect match up. The song is more of a Country or Pop, Dixie Chicks style. Clean Ending very sharp and Bam cut. Good articulation and the muscians are blowing the sound out of the water and I love it. This group is spectacular and there is definite marketability here and they could definitely be a hot new group in the music indusry as they are always looking for young, energetic voices, that are polished and sound perfect. Things that I like about this song 1. It's a great dance tune 2. the 13 to 45 age group can totally enjoy this song, and add to their playlist. 3. I think that this is a song that a huge number of people could enjoy and love.

Janice Matloch (Texas Radio Marketing Director)

Vocal's are unparalleled!

I have had the privilege of working with these guys in a few areas. They've ALWAYS put on an incredible show and was always well received and loved. Those of you who have had the opportunity to listen to them know their vocals are unparalleled. I wish these guys all the best.

Glenn Zacek