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Las Vegas Music Scene on the RISE!

For those that are in the Music scene in Las Vegas, you know what I am talking about. Within the last few years Vegas has started to have a lot of talented bands. They are competing with the clubs and are now starting to make some noise. The local bands are now making way into the casinos and playing their own music. It is only a matter of time before Las Vegas is the next big thing in Music. There are many bands within Las Vegas that people need to hear. Just to name a few, Rhyme N Rhyhtm, OtherWise, OPS, H.O.T.S., Stereo High, Black Camaro, Jah Fusion, Valentine, Universal soul Orchestra, Indulge, and so many others. Start becoming fans of these groups now so you can say you saw them before they were big. Help support your local scene.... Keep the Music Alive!