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BlackLandSaints 8:30pm-11:30pm , 5/7 at Elks Lodge #1984

Howdy Saints, Your friendly neighborhood original rock band will be cranking out some great tunes tomorrow night (Saturday, 5/7) at Elks Lodge #1984 on Duck Creek Rd. in Garland, TX. We'll kick it into high gear at 8:30pm. This one is 21+. Now get your dress on!!!

BLS at Wits End April 1!!!

Howdy Saints! BlackLandSaints will be kicking it at Wits End Dallas' Deep Ellum district at 10pm on April Fool's Day! Come to the BLS website, pick a song, give it a spin so you have an idea of what you're in for, then get you're little derrières to Wits End this coming Friday night!

BLS in Deep Ellum!

BLS felt a Jones to play Deep Ellum so this Friday we slide into Liquid Lounge on Main St. Yep, 10p-11:30p we create a nuisance. Talk It up!

BlackLandSaints - Live at Velvet Elvis!!

Here we go again... BlackLandSaints will be creating their usual Pound and a Half of nuisance from 10pm-11:30pm, Saturday, August 15, at Velvet Elvis, 3720 Walnut Hill Ln, Dallas, Texas 75229. So get out the house and bring your collective selves over to Velvet Elvis for some extra crispy BlakLandSaints original rock for the masses. People, this stuff ain't wearin' off!!

BlackLandSaints, From Then On, and Joker's Edge

Howdy, Saints! From Then On and Joker's Edge will be sharing the Local Public House stage with BlackLandSaints this coming Friday, August 7. This is great news! LPH is gonna need to rebuild the place as these three bands make the perfect demolition team!!! Doors are at 8pm and BLS kicks it all off at 9pm. Talk about a fabulous opportunity to create a nuisance... Finger lickin' original rock for the Plano masses, mmmmm good!

BlackLandSaints @ Local Public House in Plano

BlackLandSaints will hi-jack the stage at Local Public House in Plano, TX at 9pm on Friday, August 7. Your responsibilities: 1.) At or about 8pm, bring your collective selves to Local Public House. 2.) About 100-150 of you should be about right. 3.) Give yourselves enough time to order an excellent adult beverage. 4.) Get settled in for the show. 5.) Order another round and perk up!!! BlackLandSaints' responsibilities: Create an atmosphere of divine intervention by delivering finger lickin' good Original Rock & Roll to the masses. Combine with just the right marinade of off-topic radio tunes and VOILA!, once again, BlackLandSaints creates another nuisance to be remembered for all time! Wanna join the SaintsBlock&TackleChoir? www.reverbnation.com/BlackLandSaints Just click on SUBSCRIBE, listen to the Angels roar...

Nice digs, great people at The Cottage in Big D!

We had a blast at The Cottage on NW Hiway in Dallas, TX! Great food, great people and rock & roll extraordinaire: Slow Joe and the Bros, Anthony Coker and the Majestics, and yours truly, BlackLandSaints! can't wait to get back in THAT club. NICE,

Music Deniwhimpfers...

Rockin' sweet does, good makes BlackLandSaints, yes indeed you? Of or balance, to the soul, it do be. Of 'cause BlackLandSaints be's finger lickin' Intimately? And of good, yes? Yes!. So beautifully discombobulated is. It so?. Which plow brain confusion does big. And soul does confusion reign be's too. Music of feelings yes say magnificent sense make. You dig? Yeah, do dig. BlackLandSaints you love to for, big music time to Saints come maybe now, horizon. To BlackLandSaints success be, and success be's humming you. Righteously?

BLS RN Cover Photo

BLS' Noble Keith Emberlin is doodlin' again! You can see the result on our ReverbNation page. #Dallasrock #Dallasentertainment #Rock

BLS Takes ORiley's Dallas in February

#BlackLandSaints is in full onslaught writing mode again. Unleashing some new ones at ORiley's on February 20 at 8pm! #Dallas #Rock #IndieRock