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3rd time at Element Recording

Third recording marathon with Joel is in the books and we are making some serious progress. Jeff completed some remaining vocals on a couple more tracks and did some tidy up work and spot shots here and there. Casey laid down the guitar tracks and layered more dirty lead tracks on most all of the songs and it's sounding GUUUUUUUUUUD...I mean Guuuuuuuuuuuuud! Casey swapped out amps at the last minute and was encouraged to play though Joel's AC30 for a fuller sound and it just "fits" within the texture of these songs better. The Big Muff came out for a heavy pounding and we could not be happier, ha! The Muff has to be utilized during some of these songs, as you know. It's about plugging into the Muff! To make sure we don't leave the novice wondering, the Big Muff is a distortion pedal that was used heavily in the 1970's (David Gilmour, Santana, etc) and was used even more for the 90's grunge bands. It has a very distinct sound. Of course, we had to order some of the best tasting SW blvd. street tacos on the planet. We sent Jim down the street with our money and he came back with Chorizos, soft shells, Huevos tacos, mild and spicy salsas.....WOW....Joel's back room smelled like a vintage Mexican kitchen (and we all know if you use the word vintage that makes everything better). We are almost to the mixing phase and this soup is starting to smell good! We're anxious to have you all try some of it here very soon! #JoelNanos #Dinsdale #Dinsdaletheband #studio Cheers! Check here for some pictures from the session DD

Great show at Tank Room

We played an incredible show with some of our common music buds in the band, KODIAC. This was their first show and they sounded really good. A late night for us old farts of Dinsdale, but the set went off smoothly, we continued to fine tune the live sound of a couple of our newer songs, Savior and Nothing More to Say.

Drum tracks complete on 7 songs...

Day 1 completed at Element Recording. Under Joel's watchful eye, Dinsdale's first recording session was nothing less then awesome! The band , for the first time, got a taste of what it's like to spend time with an engineer who has incredible passion for what he does, someone who listens, ask questions, provides suggestions, and critiques as needed to deliver a great product! DC was challenged behind the drum kit, at times to the point of some mild frustration, but wow did the results finally pay off! ...and here's why...

We basically scrapped some rhythms we've been playing for a LONG time and transformed them into something different...on the fly. This was challenging for the entire band. We're pretty sure Joel helped us realize some of the songs we thought flowed one way were better served another way, and we agreed!

Guitar amps and tone underwent some tweaking as well. Both Casey/Jeff we're not immune to the technical, studio tutelage of Joel as he spent a lot of time making their guitar sound compliment one another in virtually every "scratch" track that was recorded. The result, a perfect mix of gain when we needed it and less gain when we didn't. It's amazing how the "third" set of ears adds a much desired benefit. What's even more cool, we have laid down tracks for 2 new songs that NOBODY has heard! We mean nobody... so catch our next live shows and hear some of the new material.

Drum tracks are laid and now the frosting will be added (with a few sprinkles here and there). We are looking forward to recording session round two in a few weeks!

Peace, Dinsdale

How about that!?

The Deli KC music magazine listed us as an honorable mention of emerging bands in KC in the "The Deli's Best of 2013" editors poll. What an honor (and a humble surprise) for us to be included among such incredible local musicians in the KC metro area, congrats to all who were selected! http://kansascity.thedelimagazine.com/

Thanks to all of you who come out and support us at shows and on the home front, as well. Cheers to you!

band updates...

Been a cool month for the band. We were selected as an Alice 102 Local Edition artist and got some FM airplay in Kansas City, very cool.

We also got some cool airplay on The Wildcat 91.9 FM, K-State radio...also picked up by KKFI 90.1 FM, Kansas City Community Radio...and also become part of the rotation for "The Basement Tapes Show" with Nick & Bootsy on KKID 92.9 FM out of Rolla, MO! Thanks to all of these great stations!

Thanks to our local fans who continue to come out to see us play and support the band! Cheers!

The Basement Tapes with Nick & Bootsy
The Basement Tapes with Nick & Bootsy  (over 4 years ago)

We were happy to add you to our rotation and look forward to hearing MORE new, original tunes from Dinsdale! ~Nick & Bootsy of the Basement Tapes on K=KID 92.9fm in Rolla, MO and online at Insane Realm Radio and New Visions Radio!

In the studio...

We've been away from Reverbnation for a while now but we're back! We are working in the studio with KC engineer, Paul Malinowski (Republic Tigers, The Pedaljets, Season to Risk, Shiner). Mixes are underway and we are getting close to releasing some singles and having a full EP completed in the next couple of months. Stay tuned...