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Surfrider Foundation Stokefest 2012 at the Stone Pony

Played the Stone Pony over the weekend with my new trio 'Woodrock Blue' featuring Alan Grant & Jeff Sund. The harmonies were off the chart. What a blast! And hats off to the other bands, Lightning Jar, Jukebox Criminals & Los Pocos Locos, for a great night of music.

Aglow, a "new" old song

An old buddy of mine pointed out that one of his favorite songs from my record "Aglow" was missing from my web page. So I put it up on Reverbnation today. I wrote this song during a very difficult time in my life. Frankly, I was depressed and digging deep for answers to so many confusing feelings at the time. The message that came out of that experience is to trust yourself, trust your heart. "For no other light can be your star, it's already there aglow inside your heart." The song was recorded 'Live To Tape' in the studio with me in one room on guitar and vocal and Yuri Turchyn in another room on violin. Yuri learned the song that day and we just went with it. I added the harmony vocal later but the main recording is just as it went down that day, squeaky strings and all! I hope you enjoy it.

What's Happening Feb 2012

Hey gang, like all of you, I'm keeping my head above water and treading steady just to keep from going under. These are some crazy times. Reaching out to a lot of great places and flying the Indie flag hoping that everyone will salute it. Let's all keep in touch and take care of one another!