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First Step to Failure is back.

Founded in 2002, First Step to Failure took local punk rock to the limit with its feverishly catchy, yet soulfully cerebral songs that became anthems of an era. Before the digital revolution, FSTF gained its ground with a grassroots approach that forged loyal bonds that still exist a decade later. After two EPs, countless live shows, and earning a legion of fans, the band decided to call it quits in 2006.

Six years later, and the friendship between the band members is stronger than ever. Jared has since joined the ranks of the North Jersey juggernaut The Zombie Mafia, while the other four guys have collaborated on many side projects over the years. But now is the time for the Phoenix to rise from the ashes. With the same passion and undying fortitude, First Step to Failure is going to rise again.