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Frown Town

It's been a while since we've posted anything, sorry about that. We've been in the studio furiously working to finish our first album "Frown Town." We have completed the music and are in the process of finishing all the other stuff that goes with it. We will post again once we have a solid release date. Coming soon, thanks for your support!


It's that time of week again. Two days off from work and Monday morning just around the corner. But, we have just completed the tile track for the new record. It's called "Stare." Enjoy -Poets

Video Shoot Continues

Shooting out in the desert, work continues on the video, "Yellow Crow" Mike, and Mr. Jimmi also recorded a vocal video track for the song by, "1000 Poets"

In My Head

Just posted another tune. This one has Mr. Jimmi singing. Enjoy, The Poets


A little late on the weekend post, sorry about that. This new song is pretty easy listening, hope you all enjoy.

Thunder's Name

Posted another song. It's called Thunder's Name and has some pretty heavy guitar. Also, filming for the Yellow Crow video continues. We will keep you all posted. Hope you have a great weekend. The Poets

Lounge Blizzard

It's that time of week again and we have posted a new song. This one is called Lounge Blizzard. Hope you all enjoy. -Poets-

Yellow Crow Video

We are currently in the process of filming a video for "Yellow Crow" and began shooting yesterday. Will keep you all posted with progress updates.


Another week has passed and we have posted another song. This one is called "Spamburger." It's on our current release "No Sale." Enjoy!

Distribution & publishing deal!

1000 Poets are in talks with a major player for a possible, distribution, and music publishing deal......