Keith Sweat,Johnny Gill,LeVert II,Rude Boys,Men@Large Concert review

The tribute to the Gerald and Sean Levert was WONDERFUL. Our Cleveland Entertainers came out together and truly showed their gratitude for the Leverts. They sang from the tips of their toes in love and appreciation. I literally saw, heard and felt the love and dedication come up from the tips of their toes....rumble around and churn in their gut, then flow up threw their chest blowing past their throats and exploding out of their mouths! They SANG YALL! and they meant it and they made us feel it! I didn't know Gerald personally but after that performance.... I was in tears too! Next up to my SURPRISE was a special guest appearance by Marc of LeVert. There was another gentleman with him that sang Gerald’s leads his name is Blaq Rose. Blaq did an outstanding job! He truly moved me! To be quite honest I was nervous for him and literally like (oh my God... this man is about to get booed off the stage) You know how harsh Clevelanders can be. BUT...to my GREAT SURPRISE! He blew it out the water! I was so relieved....FOR HIM! Oh my GOD!...WHEN HE TOOK IT DOWN ON ONE KNEE THE ENTIRE PLACE ROARED! Remember his name he is gonna go places! (YOU HEARD IT HEAR FIRST) lol You haven't heard the last of him! And here's a bit of insite...He (Blaq), Marc and Sean made an album together as LeVert II. That album will be released soon...so be on the look out for it! Blaq fills the huge shoes as lead! How about I was pleasantly surprised because in all these years I never new Marc could sing. He was always that fine, tall, thin guy with the shades! He really put his heart into it! They were on stage for quite a while and they “DID GERALD AND SEAN LEVERT PROUD”!!!! by Bambi