DEBACLE app on Samsung S4

Hi everyone !! Firstly we are proud to have our new DEBACLE app up and running on the Apple app store, free of charge !!! And our free Android app is available for download on our Reverb Nation page !! The recently released Samsung S4 no longer supports flash player on the stock browser, although Fire fox and Boat browser can be installed and run flash on an S4 we found them marginal at best for streaming music and video. But all is not lost because the DEBACLE Android device app runs flawlessly on the Samsung S4 with complete content & functionality and with the default browser !!!! So enjoy our new app on whichever platform you prefer and thank you for your interest in DEBACLE.

New DEBACLE mobile app !!!

DEBACLE is excited to announce our new mobile app for Android !!!! Check out original DEBACLE music, lyrics, show dates, videos, photos & much much more !!!!! Our mobile app will soon be available on your Apple device stay tuned !!!!!!!

DEBACLE is on a roll !!!!

DEBACLE is having a blast we've been playing lots of new venues and meeting lots of new people. We would like to thank everyone who has supported us and attended our shows !! We will be at Kat's Pub in Camby this weekend Friday & Saturday June 21st & 22nd. This bar is under new ownership and we will be the first band the bar has ever had !!!! Hope to see you all there lets show them how DEBACLE does it !!!!!