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“…..And so, without further ado, The One! The Only...the ones who opened up for the Who! The ones who opened for Steppenwolf and got more encores than Steppenwolf! They had a number one hit across the world! BUBBLE PUPPY! “ If you were at the Saxon show in August, you heard that very introduction from Ron Oliveria, a fixture on Austin television news for 30-years. The fans responded with an exuberance that echoed for the entire night!! Bubble Puppy electrified the stage with their hits from the past re-igniting their infamous 60’s music souring into this millennium with renewed energy and amazing talent. Original members, co-founder, Rod Prince, and David “Fuzzy” Fore, are now joined by Mark Miller, Jimmy Umstattd and Gregg Stegall. This band has not only launched a new wave of enthusiasm from fans, old and new around the globe, but the hard core talent generated from this union of brothers is positively dynamic! When Bubble Puppy reunited upon request for the AMA’s Texas Hall of Fame award in March of 2011, and then the Texas Legacy award in San Antonio just months later, they are now responding to the call from fans and friends. The answer is…Bubble Puppy is back! With the help of social media, word is spreading that Bubble Puppy has returned to the stage. At the time of this writing, they are scheduled for future gigs from Austin to Utopia, San Antonio to Houston and Padre Island with many more to come. And just this year, Bubble Puppy is one of the featured bands in the new book, The Boys from Houston. “Since the winter of ’66 when me and (Roy) Cox put this together….in all this time, other than the core of the Puppy, and all the incarnations….even as short a time as we’ve had together, it’s these people you see right here…..I’ve never experienced the level of Brotherhood and Music and a Buzz that we have going on right here…..right now” Rod Prince, August 3, 2013.

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Come join the band at their group page on Facebook. Meet fans old and new! Spontaneous Trivia nights to Win some great prizes! Look for us at Bubble Puppy 2012 or use the following link! See you there!