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Studio Impressions Pt 3: Reflections

Around ten years ago, the first rehearsal between founding members Sean and fiende featured a drummer-less and vocal-less session. Rehearsal is perhaps too strong a word here; there were two dudes in a now shuttered Bayville, NJ studio space looking for common musical ground to break and form anew. The same gentleman sitting in the studio today appears a much more seasoned individual, everywhere from the impressive collection of guitar gear to the extensive follicle growth on the cranial area. There has been substantial musical growth and chemistry in that time as well. We sit in between takes and hear the playback: the canvas of drums already set, the blots of articulated bassline, and now the color of the whole operation in Gibson and ESP form. How far we've grown from that acorn years ago.


Studio Impressions Pt 2: A modern day Howard Hughes on the interwebs

The bass and drum tracks have all been captured and assessed. Both John and the feinde have brought more artistry and precision to their respective parts than I have ever heard before on these songs. Working in the studio with Brian has been a great experience and he is capturing the performances perfectly. Next up for us are the guitar tracks and I am truly excited for the not so far off day when we will get to share the completed LP with you all...

-Sean man

Studio Impressions Pt 1: a vocalist in a drummer's world

To say that my expectations of what we were walking into have been exceeded would be putting my feelings bluntly. when you say you're recording on a budget, it conjures to mind images of a basement studio, with an old TASCAM recorder that barely manages to still write something to a DAT tape and a shoddy quality recording. So when we walked into Wrong Planet studios yesterday, I can only say that I'm impressed beyond words. Brian is a professional and is doing some awesome work with John.

I got back 8 of the tracks last night and I was blown away by the foundation that's been laid for our first album. watching him work at his craft, I can't help but be humbled by the skill and commitment that John has brought to Spiral Scar.

I'm sitting out today's second session, but I am eagerly anticipating the balance of the tracks this week.

Until next time Scarred Friends


A Moment's Loss of Identity

2013 was a big year for us. Tim Joined the band in february, John joined in July, and we set out to play some amazing shows with some amazing people. we'd like to thank all of our scarred friends who came out to join us over the last 6 months as we played stages around the garden state. Now we take a hiatus and head into the studio to record our first full length album A Moment's Loss of Identity. as we gear up for our late spring early summer return to the stage you'll see more out of the Spiral Scar camp. stay tuned all!

where are we going? where have we been?

True, this site has not received much activity in the last couple of weeks, but that's because we've been so damn busy!

come November 8th, we're going to have some new songs for you guys to hear, but the only way to do that is to come out and join us at the Brighton Bar in Long Branch.

keep coming back, there is much to see in the coming days!

On the horizon...

Hey there everyone. It'd like to take a minute to thank everyone who took the time to come out to the court tavern last Thursday for our first show. It was a truly wonderful and humbling experience to see the outpouring of love and enthusiasm from all of you, our scarred friends.

Here's what we are up to for the near future.

Set list expansion Between Sean fiende and I we have at least another 6-10 songs left to finish. We want to flesh out or repertoire Finishing the demo. Vocals are recorded for 4 of the 6 songs we've chosen to appear on our debut EP A Moment's Loss of Identity.


We will be booking more soon.

Thanks again to everyone!


The Mastering continues!

Hey guys, we are continuing the mastering and EQ for our EP. you can expect Prussia to be uploaded next week, and Back to Zero will be coming very soon!