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Press Reactions

“I really enjoyed this album, and I think you will too... It’s a really great sound” Bryan Burnett, Brand New Country, BBC Radio Scotland

“Real music with heart and soul from real musicians with heart and soul” Christine Helmeke, No Fences, Germany

“This is heartfelt and very true Americana, and I bet they do a good live show.” Gary Whitehouse, Green Man Review, USA

“Like CSNY without the monstrous egos” John Davy, Crooked Rain, UK

„Great original songs, fine musicianship and a wealth of influences ... Ex-buskers all, the four wield their different combinations of guitar, drums, mandolin, banjo and the rest to beguiling effect. Intelligent lyrics tell of loss and longing, love and friendship, and always, of packing bags and moving on" Jane Cornwell, Jazzwise, UK

"This is good ol' time American music. There is blues, folk, country and chugging R'n'B in here. The auras of Canned Heat, Woody Guthrie, Neil Young and Springsteen waft on the breeze. And... there is an echo of the Rolling Stones' down-home bluesy vibe...This is classic big skies and barrooms music." Nathaniel Handy, Songlines, UK

“ really strong, timeless and striking in its simplicity... true to the motto “less is more”, Two Dollar Bash” win over the listener through memorable songs, honesty and sheer pleasure in playing” Christian Schäfer, My Revelations, Germany

"Two Dollar Bash are ready and raring to continue their plan to take the roots/Americana world by storm. Their blend of folk, country and blues combined with gorgeous three and four part harmonies has won them critical acclaim as well as several prestigious awards. The band's constant touring has honed their craft and the songs are ample proof that their time in the transit van has been justifiably spent." Mick Gaffney, Properganda Magazine, UK

"Two Dollar Bash … intuitively pick up on the nuances of American country, folk and rock that can trace a direct lineage back to the folk music of their own countries. They have a natural instinct for simple, haunting melodies, with narratives revolving around road trips, ailing relationships and the eternal internal battle of good and evil." Lolo Wood, music journalist, UK

"This group … is pretty folky in their approach to music, but it's the same kind of original folk creativity that Bob Dylan had when he started…Two Dollar Bash could easily be country, but I like their folky approach to their music. They have a banjo, but it's not bluegrassy. Some really strong acoustic guitar, lots of energy in their work, and some very poignant words in their lyrics. Bob Everhart, Tradition, USA

"American sounds with European Soul" Sächsische Zeitung, Germany

two dollar bash info

Two Dollar Bash are an acoustic folk/country/blues band, originally from Scotland, Ireland and France, consisting of 4 talented singer-songwriters, who can back up each others compositions with an intuitive feel that can only come from many years of playing together. With great original songs, fine musicianship and impressive harmonies, the band blends influences from North American folk, blues and country with Celtic and European styles.

The members have been playing together in different combinations throughout Europe for the past fifteen years, in a variety of bands including punk, rock, psychedelic and swing as well as the folkier formations, and also simply travelling around, picking up gigs and busking, swapping songs and stories with other musicians along the way. As well as honing their own songwriting and playing skills, this means that the band's repertoire includes many songs from friends, who in turn are singing Two Dollar Bash songs throughout Europe and North America.

Since the formation of this incarnation of the band in 2003, Two Dollar Bash has been touring constantly throughout Europe, and has also completed two very successful tours of America. In September 2005 they won the "Rising Legend" award at the 30th Old-time Country and Traditional Music Festival in Missouri Valley, Iowa. In 2006 Two Dollar Bash played at the Latitude Festival in England, and were one of 4 bands from around the world selected to perform at the International Country Night showcase at the Popkomm music industry conference in Berlin. 2007 brought tours of Ireland, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, an extensive tour of the US and Canada which included showcase performances at the prestigious South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas and Canadian Music Week in Toronto, and a major UK tour to coincide with the release of their albums there through Proper Distribution. Their first two albums, "Two Dollar Bash" and "On the Road", are released on Berlin label Cannery Row Records, who are also soon to release the third album, "Lost River", recorded in the summer of 2007 in a farmhouse in the Czech Republic by engineer Dugald Jayes (Hugo Race and the True Spirit) and producer Craig Ward (The Frames, deUs, The Love Substitutes). The new album reflects great development in the songwriting skills of each of the band members, as well as much richer and more varied arrangements. Initial reactions suggest that this record could propel Two Dollar Bash into a different league.

Two Dollar Bash returned to Austin for a second successive showcase at SXSW 2008, and completed an extensive British tour in June, to coincide with the UK release of “Lost River” and toured throughout Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands during the autumn.. The three albums are also be available through all major download platforms.

Two Dollar Bash has been invited to perform a showcase for a remarkable third successive year at SXSW 2009.

For bookings, info and CD orders, contact: Cannery Row Music Im Zentralbüro, Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 7 10178 Berlin tel: +49 (0)30 313 2872 e-mail: frank@canneryrowrecords.com www.twodollarbash.net www.myspace.com/twodollarbash www.canneryrowrecords.com