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Siberia is launching a New Music Video "TONIGHT" on MAY15th


"ACADEMIA" New DJ Boston Mix

Siberia ft.Sergio Menezes - Academia (DJ Boston Mix) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJ9AeHrH6Uc Siberia on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/br/artist/siberia/id218202719?l=en

New Music Video "BELIEVE" on 8th of October

New Music Video "BELIEVE" on 8th of October, Siberia together with Sergio Menezes, popular brazilian actor and entertainer from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, best known for the series "Cheias de Charme" (2012), "Sinhá Moça" (2006), "Celebridade" (2003) and many others. 08 октября выходит новый клип Сиберии "Believe" при участии Сержио Менезеса, популярного бразильского актера и артиста из Рио-де-Жанейро, Бразилия, известного по таким сериалам, как "Полное очарование" (Cheias De Charme, 2012), "Сеньорита" (Sinhá Moça, 2006), "Знаменитость" (Celebridade, 2003) и др. Novo vídeo da música "Believe" em 08 de Outubro, Sibéria e Sérgio Menezes, o ator e entertainer popular do Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, mais conhecido pela série "Cheias de Charme" (2012), "Sinhá Moça" (2006) , "Celebridade" (2003) e outros.


"BELIEVE..." - SIBERIA feat. SÉRGIO MENEZES Launching on October, 8th on TheOfficialSiberia Youtube channel! Em breve! Скоро!

Siberia 2014 Soccer World Cup

Siberia is looking for soccer players for a music video to be shot in late May 2014 in Brazil (Campinas, SP).

We are looking for people that may have special skills in playing soccer or interesting traits.

If you believe that you fit the part please send an email to musicvideo@siberia-music.com

Title the email SiberiaCasting and include your Name, email, phone number, and a brief video (you can shoot it with your phone) of what makes you different from the crowd. PLEASE NOTE IT MUST BE SOMETHING RELATED TO PLAYING SOCCER!

Email musicvideo@siberia-music.com

http://siberia-music.com/index.php/k2-media/siberia-articles/siberia-s-new-music-video https://www.facebook.com/siberia


Russian-Brazilian singer Siberia (port. Sibéria) making her debut with the song Speed Rider. Although having relatively short music career beautiful young singer makes her way in a world of show industry with support of the popular Russian producer and composer Dj Boston.

The song “Speed Rider” gives a feeling of adrenalin rush, mixing emotional melodic breaks with a powerful rocky chorus. The voice of Siberia, however, perfectly fits the contrast giving it the feel of cosmic dramatism.

The music video of Siberia’s “Speed Rider” is also released on Siberia’s YouTube Channel www.youtube.com/TheOfficialSib… Vube Channel http://vube.com/Siberia/Q1GfGGV2dw?t=s

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