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WhoEst we are...

We are WhoEst(live). A collective of two Deejays (EvenGer & E-terno) and producer/remixer King Mobe. We try to expand boundaries of musical (dis)taste. All kinds of music, samples and rare grooves are thrown into a mix full of surprises and unthinkable switches... Sometimes very logical and happy, sometimes unlogical and badly serious. Based in The province of Limburg in (the south of) Holland. We expanded to the regions of Eindhoven, Berlin and Praha... WhoEst Europe, your rope has a tight knot. Dispair do not for we´re some threesome. 'Though some are and some are not, WhoEst(live) is HOT!

We're not that weird, we're WhoEst!

His God knEw YOUr Allah as weLL krrraaak ! they Pee and fART on Yo' pantywho'... what whaar...? sINs of ya HEroes EmeRge in alL the mEN ! sameN onder moEder's para... Wh.t th. f... kkRraaaKk ! testing 1,2. In Time we fly, no control, nO lies leSs time mOre flies. aNd... No more Civilisations Underground at King Mobe's Studio, they ended as the New Year started. A WhoEst change is at hand. The King left his castle in the country and settled for a mantion in the city. But hey, the WhoEst must go on ! So my fellow Earthlings and Integrating Aliens, let me ensure you, and you can quote me on this:

WhoEst we can!

May the WhoEst be with you...

http://www.myspace.com/notafraidtocopy http://www.facebook.com/whoest http://www.reverbnation.com/whoestlive

Stay WhoEst !