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"New Horizons"..!!

Written about its' historic journey to Pluto, with a futuristic twist, that there IS a GREAT FUTURE for us, and hopefully we all see how great New Horizons is.. 1000 years from now..Reflect on its' greatness, glorify our hard work ..

"BlackJack Spat"... RELEASED...!! One 4 Vegas..:)

BlackJack Spat... HEAR THE POWER OF ROCK SHAPING THE FUTURE... AND WAYYYYYY BEYOND what has been created on Earth...!


A high energy song, kicking down pessimism like no other song can do..! Human empowerment, that's what Life On Earth's message is all about.. Feelin strong and in control, can we get there?? YES..

Ancient Aliens (told me so) ..... RELEASED...!!

A melodic rockin song, one for the show Ancient Aliens and all people who wonder and explore the fact of the ever popular concept that Earth is being visited by UFO's and aliens beings..


The suspense is madness, such a great idea for a song, a great follow up to the smash hit "Just Humans".. Stay tuned cause this one is for the ALIENS... Coming Soon at a rock station near u.. BE COOL PEACE :)

"Rich Get Richer" ---- REMIXED AND RELEASED

And the poor get poorer..! Seems to be a growing trend for middle-class Americans these days.. How high are taxes and fees in your area?

"Just Humans" -----RELEASED..!!

A song written about the blunders, walls and obstacles humanity can create and has created in the past.. Only to learn and eventually overcome..! Crazy...!! Are we JUST humans??

"Back Home" Released

More like a rock song with a country twist, and a jazzy beat at times.. A step away for a moment from fast tempo alternative rock LifeOnEarth has created, a chance to broaden the type of music we luv..!

On The Next Planet

Released today for your listening ears, packed with melody and mystery, a perfect song for LifeOnEarth..!.. Next stop, one for the aliens.. ROCK ON WORLD..!!


New masters around the corner, some of the best work yet with ideas that are unique and modern. Songs and ideas keep coming as the masters feed our brains, cant keep up..!!